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winterised cbd oil

In order to create CBD isolate e-liquids, the winterised hemp oil is added to VG and PG. This can be left flavour free as an additive for your favourite non-CBD vape juice. Alternatively, it can be flavoured using quality e-liquid flavourings; or, in the case of our terpenes ranges, proprietary cannabis terpene blends can be added back into the e liquid to enhance the flavour and to replicate the ‘entourage effect’ that terpenes have on cannabinoids.

During CO2 extraction, the hemp is submitted to low temperatures and high pressure. It is quite a complex process; however, because it eliminates the need for chemicals, it is by far the safest and cleanest way to obtain pure cannabinoids.

Winterised hemp oil

As well as removing the other phytonutrients from hemp oil, the winterisation process also removes any fats and lipids.

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In order to winterise the hemp oil, it is first soaked in alcohol and then frozen – hence its wintery name. The result is a CBD rich oil that looks like maple syrup and that can be used to create CBD isolate products such as our e-liquids.

Nature’s Blend (Unflavoured) – THC-Free (Oral) 500mg Broad Spectrum (75mg CBD)

Nature’s Blend (Unflavoured) – THC-Free (Oral) 2000mg Broad Spectrum (300mg CBD)

LVWell CBD – THC-Free (Oral) – 5000mg Broad Spectrum Containing 750mg CBD

Nature’s Blend (Unflavoured) – THC-Free (Oral) 3000mg Broad Spectrum (450mg CBD)

LVWell CBD – THC-Free (Oral) – 3000mg Broad Spectrum Containing 450mg CBD

LVWell CBD – THC-Free (Oral) – 1000mg Broad Spectrum Containing 150mg CBD

Nature’s Blend (Unflavoured) – THC-Free (Oral) 5000mg Broad Spectrum (750mg CBD)

Live Well CBD WINTERISED Cannabis Extract & Hemp Seed Oil Moka Flavour
Winterised Live Well CBD:
Winterisation of the raw paste includes dissolution in alcohol and subzero temperatures to separate the solids from the liquids.
This process results in a dark oil containing all of the cannabinoids which is mixed with a carrier oil (VIRGIN HEMP OIL) and a Mocha flavouring to give us the winterised oral version of the original product.
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