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On the other hand, hemp, also known as cannabis sativa, has a lot of CBD and very little THC. But, if that is the case, the question then becomes: where to source CBD from if so many plants hold it? The answer is hemp. CBD comes from extracts in the stalk and stem of Cannabis Sativa. CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effect of THC, but it may yield therapeutic effects. So much so that many now consider CBD products as a part of alternative ways to manage conditions like:

CBD will not get you high. If you try to overdose and see if it does, you may experience diarrhea or nausea, but you won’t feel the same as you do with THC or weed. That’s because CBD comes from hemp, which only holds 0.3% THC. There is no way that such a small amount of THC can get you high. That’s one of the reasons why doctors consider CBD as a safe substance for you to use.

Effects of CBD

Hypertension and anxiety can increase your blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to stroke and heart attack. If that is something you would like to avoid, try taking CBD whenever you feel you are experiencing an anxiety episode. It may prevent you from behaving erratically by relaxing your mind. CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system and modulates with your brain nerves which fire furiously the moment you are about to have a panic attack. It stimulates them towards stopping the attack by calming the nerves.

Both hemp and marijuana belong to different strains, sativa, and indica, respectively. Legally speaking, it is their chemical composition that differentiates them.

Cannabis refers to the genus of the flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. It has nearly 170 different species. These species come under three categories:

Heidi – May 25, 2018

This product I’ve used for my senior dogs and horses. It’s given one dog better focus and the other dog better mobility. It’s helped my senior mares especially the one that had laminitis for several months. It was a lifesaver for her. I was able to get her off of bute with this product.

10 reviews for 500mg/1oz Canine Tincture

Emily Vey – August 27, 2019

Nancy Laughlin – August 31, 2019

My nearly 14 yr old Golden Retriever no longer takes metacam. He no longer needs the assistance of a step stool to get in my SUV. Day care said his energy level has increased significantly. His JOY has returned!

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The Source CBD Oil Difference: Nanoemulsion

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