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sour tsunami cbd oil

Diesel | Earth | Sour

Legal in 50 states.

Sour Tsunami at a glance.

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A wave of serenity that leaves a calm bliss in its wake.

Developed by Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, Sour Tsunami was bred by crossing Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel for about four years, where it was continually crossed back to a Sour Diesel clone.

For decades, it was widely accepted that THC was the only active ingredient in cannabis. People believed that THC was responsible for the stoney high, as well as the root of all the plant’s medicinal benefits. Thus, growers did everything they could to boost THC percentages of their crop — without knowing they were focusing on the wrong cannabinoid.

The Sour Tsunami strain boasts high CBD percentages.

It is believed that each Sour Tsunami seed has roughly a 25% chance at containing 10-11% CBD (and 6-7% THC). This makes Sour Tsunami one of the highest tested CBD strains available to patients today, and one of the most sought-out forms of medicine in the world.

“Study after study has been coming out showing the medicinal values of CBD.”

“Sour Tsunami is considered to be 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, with a sweet yet musky stench, typical of most CBD-rich strains.”

Sour Tsunami Marijuana is equally effective against nausea. People who cannot keep food and water within their systems can use medical marijuana. Its effectiveness is quite impressive. It is rumored that this pot can cure an even more extensive range of illnesses and sickness; hence, making it the choice weed for aged people and young people who are not too healthy.

Columbia care chevy chase: $100 per gram

Sour Tsunami Marijuana Strain has useful therapeutic properties; yet does not get users really high. It is the first of its kind: a trailblazer, a champion, the child of genius hybrid, and growing skill. With its success as the primary therapeutic marijuana with limited THC effect, Sour Tsunami has gone on to birth children strains. At the same time, strains such as Remedy ACDC have also been created to have high therapeutic effects.

What Are Growers’ Opinions?

Sour Tsunami weed strain is a hybrid cross of NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. Its genes have also been used to birth WTF and Swiss Tsunami strains. Lawrence Ringo of Humboldt Seed Collective created the weed. The painkiller marijuana is known to give a hundred percent relief from body aches. It has also been praised for other therapeutic functions like stopping nausea and combating depression. Similar strains include Harle-Tsu, Remedy ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, Suzy Q, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy.

Northeast alternatives medical dispensary: $40 per 1/8 oz

Sour Tsunami’s side effects are low but noticeable when used in extravagant amounts. It’s side effects include:

Sour Tsunami is the birth child of a hybrid cross between NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. Lawrence Ringo went through a painstaking four years of constant experimentation before he got it right. The result was a marijuana strain characterized by a high CBD level that reaches up to 30% and shallow 10% THC content.