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sera labs cbd oil price

Homewood, IL – ( NewMediaWire ) – July 10, 2020 – Sera Relief CBD oil is a new full spectrum water soluble hemp-derived cannabidiol tincture that claims to be a safe, non habit forming formula for consumers looking to experience the benefits of cannabis oil-infused products.

The SeraRelief VIP Replenish Program is when individuals get new supplies shipped depending on their initial order. For instance, if a 30-day supply were purchased, the team would send a fresh amount a month later. In other words, this is a subscription plan where individuals are automatically enrolled upon making a purchase. However, the twist is that with every new supply comes a “ low guarantee VIP price .”

Who is the creator behind SeraRelief?

Yes, each SeraRelief is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What makes this solution exceptional is that it includes water-soluble CBD. This means that the CBD contents travel alongside water molecules to ensure that it does enter the bloodstream. The sooner CBD enters the blood; the faster things start to kick in, allowing one to reap its benefits incomplete. With conventional CBD oils, increasing bioavailability is considered far too complicated, hence the need for solutions like SeraRelief.

The CBD Pain Cream with Aloe Vera from Sera Labs offers a powerful combination of 300mg CBD hemp extract, Aloe Vera, and menthol for a soothing formula that works fast for skincare. The cooling sensation in Sera relief CBD oil helps to provide hours of relief, ideal for both inflammation and chronic pain like joint pain. We also found it beneficial after a workout or to help relieve some of the muscle soreness the day after a hard workout. Sera Labs offers a variety of options (including bundle packages) in their skincare line for you to choose from. Our Sera Labs discount code above will reduce your cost by 25% for their CBD Cream sold online.

Most CBD users take an average of 3 to 5 drops of CBD oil a day. However, if you’re a new user, you might be apprehensive about taking such a large dose. If so, we suggest 1 to 3 drops of CBD oil a day and building up as you grow more comfortable with Serra Labs oils. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind a number of factors when dosing, including:

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Not limited to just the usual gummies, capsules, oils, and creams, Sera Labs really takes it to the next level with their beauty products. We couldn’t help but try two out instead of just one, strictly because there were just too many to choose from! There’s a Super Booster Serum with CBD, a Day and Night Brilliance Cream with CBD, anti aging CBD cream, an exfoliating polish, and eye serum. Finally, the two we tried were there Seratopical Love Your Lips full spectrum CBD lip balm and the Seratopical Radiant Glow CBD Facial Oil.

In order to ensure your CBD product is quality cannabidiol, you’ll want to make sure the company you purchase it from has all their CBD tested by a 3rd-party laboratory. This ensures your CBD has an absence of metals and other contaminants. Luckily, Sera Labs not only gets this 3rd-party testing but is completely transparent about it on their website.

It takes more than just one use to feel the stacking benefits of the Radiant Glow CBD Facial Oil from Sera Labs, but those benefits are well worth the time and effort. Their Seratopical line uses the most meticulous, carefully selected ingredients for each formula, working to give your skin the best treatment it deserves. After the first week of use, the facial oil was already helping to shield from environmental factors, mitigate skin imperfections, and provide an abundance of hydration without feeling greasy. Overall, it’s a beauty product that’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine, though the English Lavender leaves me preferring to use it in the evening just before bed.

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Do not take if pregnant or lactating.

Before purchasing CBD, check the legality of CBD under your state law. When buying any CBD product, consider the product’s quality, purity, potency, bioavailability, and THC percentage. First, check the label to learn more about what the formula is meant for (i.e., supplemental dietary product). Next, check the cannabinoid content. CBD from the hemp plant contains only trace amounts of THC, while CBD from the marijuana plant contains a higher amount of THC.

Full-spectrum CBD oil has a variety of benefits over pure CBD hemp oil, as the active ingredients of full-spectrum CBD include the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the whole plant, along with cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG, which interact with different cannabinoid receptor antagonists in the nervous system to create an entourage effect.


Sera Relief full-spectrum CBD oil, available in 1000mg and 500mg dosages, is the most effective hemp extract, as it contains vitamins, minerals, omegas, and terpenes. Sera Relief full-spectrum CBD oil is made with hemp-derived cannabidiol and peppermint oil.

Hemp-derived CBD oil products are commonly mislabeled with respect to CBD content and THC content. Some low-quality CBD oils may contain toxic solvent residues, GMOs, heavy metals, pesticides, and artificial flavors, however many high-quality CBD oil products exist on the market today and finding the best CBD products is as simple as reading labels and researching CBD companies.

To ensure you’re buying the highest-quality CBD oil, buy from a CBD company that offers third-party tests. High-quality CBD companies include Certificates of Analysis with information on CBD and THC content in the final product. Click here for more information on third-party lab testing.

Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use under the age of 18. Consult your healthcare provider before taking.