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sensi seeds cbd oil review

Delivery time will depend firstly of your payment method, as Sensi Seeds is processing your order once the payment is received. Secondly, Sensi Seeds is able to deliver within 1 to 10 days, of course depending on your country of residence. All your parcels will be discreet and well transported by specialists.

Sensi Seeds is particularly famous to be the largest seed bank in Europe. Here you will find the best CBD seeds and other products such as CBD oils and vape juices. Clothes and accessories are also available. Our team really enjoyed the wide range of products that Sensi Seeds’ CBD Shop has to offer.

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📬 What are the delivery times of Sensi Seeds?

Sensi Seeds is using classic, but safe, payment methods to offer you the best shopping experience. After your order, you will be able to use credit cards or a bank transfer to complete your purchase which will be delivered quickly. It’s also possible to pay with cash for some orders, however we advise you to consult the terms and conditions of the online outlet.

Sensi Seeds is a famous producer from Amsterdam, and has been in business since 1985. Currenlty it is the largest seed bank in Europe, offering a wide varity of different types of seeds. We also are very keen on the fact that we can find other CBD products on their website. Everything they offer is producted in the Netherlands and completely natural. We are certain that you will enjoy your buying experience.

Each capsule contains approximately 580 mg of oil, including 10, 15 or 20 mg of CBD.

They are made from an industrial hemp leaf extraction from EU-certified strains (grown without pesticides or herbicides), mixed with cold pressed organic hemp seed oil.

Other products in Therapeutic CBD

This dietary supplement is not a medication and does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consult a doctor before use during pregnancy or lactation. Keep out of reach of children.

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil Capsules are a dietary supplement containing cannabidiol (CBD), the natural component of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, in a convenient slow-release capsule designed to resist digestion in the stomach and ensure optimal absorption. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without the bitterness of its usual taste, which can be unpleasant for some people.

Otros ingredientes incluidos son aceite de semillas de cáñamo, extracción de cáñamo, lecitina de girasol, extracto rico en tocoferol (E306), Hipromelosa y Goma gellan.

Overall we’re super impressed with the Sensi Seeds backstory and it’s clear that the guys behind this company know what they’re doing. If you’re interested in learning more about the Sensi Seeds story, there is a great page on their site full of information.

In terms of cannabis seeds, Sensi Seeds have probably the best range that you’ll find anywhere in the world. These guys sell every type of seed that you could imagine, and their shop can easily be filtered to show you the best-rated seeds and the best-priced seeds. Even though Sensi Seeds are specialists in cannabis seeds, we’ll be focusing on their CBD products. They’ve got oils and capsules, ranging in strength from 2.75% to 5%. These are very low strength concentrations (typically we’d recommend anything 10% and above), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not worth your time. The capsules are slightly stronger, available as either 10mg capsules or 20mg capsules. What we love about these oils is that the lab reports are available on the product pages, which shows us that these are broad spectrum oils containing lots of plant goodness. Overall these guys are best known for their seeds, but they’ve definitely got a great (albeit small) range of CBD products).

What are the Sensi Seeds products like?

Sensi Seeds collect reviews directly on their product pages, which is useful as you can read reviews for specific products. Currently the Sensi Seeds 2.75% oil is sitting with a 5 star rating from almost 300 reviews, a seriously impressive rating. Overall reviewers seem impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service. These reviews have been collected using Yotpo, a third-party review platform.

Sensi Seeds are a cannabis seeds company based in Amsterdam. They’re world-famous for their seeds selection (including Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Super Skunk & their versions of the famous Wedding Cake strain, Gorilla Glue others), but we’ll be taking a close look at their CBD selection for this review. As always we’ll be taking a close look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. Let’s get into it:

Sensi Seeds are owned by the company Hempflax, which started operating way back in 1993. This company was a pioneer in the hemp industry, developing new processing methods and equipment which revolutionized hemp cultivation. Even companies like John Deere use these methods. HempFlax products are used in a variety of industries, including the textile, food, construction and body-care industries (hemp is now being used in a variety of ways in all of these industries).