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How we start and begin our day matters so much. Along with drinking more water it’s honestly one of the biggest areas of focus in my life right now. The good news, it’s actually kind of fun! For me, these rituals are one of the keys to my self care. It’s taking the extra time and effort to feel good because I love myself and I deserve peace at night and vibrant joyful energy in the morning.

Today I’m not coming at you with a proclamation of what you must do. I’m coming at you as a lover of the night time ritual and still slips up.

Nighttime Ritual Building Blocks

It’s also super important to have the right perspective and mindset. I can easily let this positive act of self care turn into a chore if I don’t check my attitude. I like to remind myself I’m doing a favor for tomorrow Georgie. Also, I remind myself I’m not missing anything when I turn off my computer and put my phone on airplane mode. The attitude that this ritual is a good and fun thing helps me keep it up.

For example, I like to be asleep by 11. I like to do my night time routine in a leisurely pace, so I start winding down between 8 and 9. If you’re a night owl that’s awesome, as long as you know what time to start slowing down and turning off.

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1. Prepare a cup of tea.

A nightly routine can tuck away any lingering mental hang-ups you have and help you fall asleep sober. When we solidify new habits to replace drinking, we can actually learn to look forward to those healthier practices. Finding out what you love more than drinking is a big part of getting sober. Here are a few ideas to help guide you on that journey while shaping your own unique evening ritual.

Do you need help creating new routines after you quit drinking?

I tend to overthink situations (usually five minutes before falling asleep) that send me into a spiral of worry. Overanalyzing the day’s events before bed used to be a major roadblock for me. To avoid reliving cringeworthy moments from my day, or even ones in the distant past, I find it helpful to empty out my mind on paper. It helps me stay in reality. When I examine my day, without judgment, I can close my eyes at night with a sense of peace.

5. Prepare a nourishing meal.

9. Take a bath.