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rick simpson cbd oil for dogs

San Diego native Erika Valentina Doria created Cannimal, a line of full spectrum hemp CBD and medical cannabis formulas for pets after her cattle dog mutt, Eva, passed away from cancer in 2013. We caught up with the founder to learn more about the brand.

What inspired you to create Cannimal?

I’m not an advocate for getting dogs high. I really did create this product to address ailments and issues. I always recommend to dog owners to watch your pet closely. You have to be a responsible pet owner to use products.

Q-and-A with Cannimal founder Erika Valentina Doria

Berezow says dogs should never be given THC and notes side effects such as hallucination, lethargy, incontinence and more. “It’s really a terrifying experience for the dog,” he explains.

What do your customers tell you they use the products for?

At this point, Chang would recommend against it. “We have open minds, and we’re always looking for … something that’s more natural for the pet,” he concludes. “But, again, we want to make sure it’s absolutely safe before we start recommending it.”

Hocker says the estimated cost was more than $2,500, on top of the $1,100 he’d already spent on the initial tests. So, he headed over to PSA Organica to meet with owner Julie Montante, who advised him on treating his dog with medical marijuana. First, he fed now 13 ½-year-old Chelsea non-flavored yogurt to “coat her stomach,” then put her on a healthy diet, alkaline water and Rick Simpson Oil – a highly concentrated cannabis oil – for a very short amount of a time. “Between the three of those things, the symptoms completely went away,” Hocker says. “Three years later, she’s still alive.”

Because there is a theoretical risk of drug interaction, as with any medication, you should consult your veterinarian first before treating your dog with CBD.

Do not give dogs straight marijuana or any product containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive component of marijuana. There is simply not enough research to justify the use.

With regards to idiopathic epilepsy specifically, there is some research that suggests that CBD could be useful in reducing seizure frequency in these dogs. However, these benefits are only seen with dogs that are given traditional anti-seizure medications at the same time.

Potential Risks of CBD for Dogs

CBD is one of over 80 different chemical compounds called “cannabinoids” that have been derived from the cannabis (marijuana) plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), perhaps the most famous cannabinoid, CBD is not psychoactive.

In certain states, medical marijuana is an option for people seeking relief from ailments like seizures, pain, anxiety, and cancer.

Like seizures, the term “cancer” is an umbrella term that refers to an extremely diverse set of specific diseases, each with their own set of beneficial treatments.

In people, CBD has been studied for possible use in cancer patients, both to treat the tumor(s) directly, as well as to treat the secondary symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. Very limited research has been done on the use of CBD for dogs with cancer.

But research has not shown that RSO or other forms of cannabis oil can treat cancer. Some very early studies on using THC to treat cancer have been encouraging, though.

Cannabis is generally safe. Common side effects include dizziness or memory problems.

Can RSO Treat Cancer?

RSO is not a branded product. That means there’s no one “Rick Simpson Oil” for sale. On his website, Simpson explains how to make his namesake oil. But he does not sell a version of the oil for profit.

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