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reviews of charlotte’s web cbd oil

Major CBD brands can easily claim that they have high-quality CBD, but where did the company source its hemp? Were the plants grown right? Did the farmers use a lot of pesticides? It is easy to see that someone can be concerned.

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The product is made of high-quality USA-grown hemp. It also has a strong potency crucial for helping you feel better fast. So long as you take them as recommended, they should be effective.

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The oil products contain premium hemp extract. This type of extract will provide the user with all the essential CBD benefits, among others. It also does not have filler ingredients.

If you are in the market for the best products, you can still consider the hemp-infused balm with CBD. This product is all about soothing the skin you might be feeling in specific areas. The manufacturer mostly recommends it for smaller areas such as the knuckles.

The gummies do not have high CBD content, but they are still good in terms of performance. Simply take them 30 minutes before bed to enjoy a restful night.

The same CBD capsules can help manage everyday stress triggers, recover from inflammation due to exercising, and promote better sleep cycles. All these benefits are because the manufacturer does not include any filler ingredients in the capsules.

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many powerful cannabinoids found in hemp, and is known for supporting body and mind in various ways. Our field is the science of botanics, and as you’ll come to learn, unlocking their power is our primary focus.


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High-quality hemp extracts with naturally occurring CBD.

I learned this the hard way when I started taking CBD a couple years ago. I didn't do my research, and the first product I bought didn't seem to work—however, I didn't give up on CBD. Over the past year, I've tried plenty of CBD oils, topicals, capsules, edibles, and other hemp-infused goods, all from an array of different CBD companies. As a CBD enthusiast and product reviewer, I receive a lot of questions about products, and Charlotte's Web is one up-and-coming brand in the CBD space that I get asked about often.

I'm here to give you my honest review on Charlotte's Web, including the pros and cons of the company (through my eyes), as well as some insights into three Charlotte's Web products that I've tried myself. 

What are the best CBD products from Charlotte’s Web?

Founded by the 7 Stanley Brothers in 2012, Charlotte's Web produces a number of commercially available CBD products, from gummies to tinctures to pet treats. Back in 2012, the brothers received international media attention due to the development of a new strain of hemp. Their strain was low in THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) but high in CBD. All of Charlotte's Webs products are made with that original strain of hemp, which the company calls "the world's most trusted hemp extract."