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pure spectrum cbd oil review

Pure spectrum has links to the Cannabis Research Foundation, the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation, Sievers Bio Tech, and a few major universities. The commitment to research and improving products is an excellent sign. On top of this, Pure Spectrum CBD lab tests all its products and posts the results on the website for all to see. With this brand, you know exactly what you’re getting.

There is a decent product selection from Pure Spectrum. Most of them contain a spectrum of cannabinoids, as the brand name would suggest, but there are also a few CBD isolates.

Pure Spectrum CBD Products

The Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures are set apart from competitors by their composition. A broad-spectrum hemp extract is used, but therapeutic-grade isolate CBD boosts this further. So, not only do you have whole-plant extract, but you have additional high-quality CBD in there.

However, these analyses also present an issue. While the lab reports test for all the cannabinoids you can think of, they don’t test for contaminants. Pure Spectrum CBD says its products are organic, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see proof.

Something that really caught our attention is that Pure Spectrum CBD doesn’t use PG or VG in the cartridges. There are some concerns about the safety of these ingredients, so it’s encouraging when a brand has cut them out. However, the site doesn’t say what the base is instead, which is worrying. You have the option to either choose between Honey Oil or Clear Vape Oil, but we’re not sure what the latter actually is.

I am new to trying and using products like these and dealing with Kristin Fesenmeyer was unexpected on a Saturday but she was quick to answer my questions.
Thank you!

I was unable to read it on my iphone as unwanted scripts kept coming up in the way. when i was finally able to order it on my home computer, the robot was unable to answer my questions. I am however very happy with the product and have recomended it to many people here in Australia.

Your products are 5 star. I'm giving a 4 star because of one of the ordered items was back ordered and has not been delivered yet. Also it would be nice if you would say what caused the back order, i.e. supply chain issues, factory closed, etc.

I am new to trying and using products…

Pure Spectrum has been my CBD choice after much research. The quality is superior, the level of transparency in their product content is appreciated, and I appreciate that athletes trust Pure Spectrum.

I just received my order today I have to take it a few days to see any difference. But I’m optimistic it will work.

Great and quick service. I ordered products on August 24 and received them all at 8:30 AM on August 26.

I have a hard time falling asleep because of menopause. My husband recommended your product. I put the CBD pure spectrum under my tongue for about 5 min, 30 min. before bedtime and it relaxes my mind so I can fall asleep. I'd rather use this than an otc or prescribed medication. Thank you!

How does it taste?
The bubble gum cartridge does taste like bubble gum. The sour diesel has a lemon, citrus taste to it, but both flavors are subtle when inhaled. Overall, the subtle taste of the vapor is pleasant in that it omits the many unforgiving aspects of tasting and consuming CBD oil orally.

Pure Spectrum Bubble Gum Honey Oil

Flavor and Scent

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Here’s The Deal:
With a vape pen, there is fussing with thick concentrates or loose herb. The cartridges come in the typical pharmaceutical grade bottle to be plugged in to the corresponding PURE pen, once it is charged. The oil itself is honey golden-brown in color. The PURE pen allows for three different temperature settings, although the website recommends that it’s best vaped at medium and low temperatures. This is a great product for both new and experienced users. Pure Spectrum CBD uses the gold standard in extraction methodology and the company’s stated mission demonstrates their commitment to giving their customers the best experience. With a trademark on the slogan, “Not all CBD is created equal,” the website states that these products are 99% pure. You can also reach out to the CEO directly.

The cartridges come pre-filled and maintain a golden brown color with a thinner, vape-oil viscosity.