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panacea cbd oil

Panacea Life CBD Oil is available in two different concentrations (10% and 5%) for a range of applications, and we know that our prices are very competitive. The Panacea Life range of CBD Oils has been carefully constructed, tested and proven in the lab to deliver hemp oil that can be used for a wide range of uses. Moreover, we ensure that in addition to the active CBD, our full-spectrum oils contain other all natural hemp extracts such as CBDv (Cannabidivarin), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBDa (Cannabidiolic Acid), and naturally-occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and Omega acids.

Our CBD oils are clean, free from contamination and contain the exact amount of cannabinoids.

Our CBD oils are manufactured in Germany from a certified company which sources products from the biggest hemp growers and CBD manufacturers in Europe. Germany is renowned for its very high standards of care in production, which is one reason why we know that our products are of the highest guaranteed quality.

Our Guarantee to you:

Our full-spectrum formulas include an all-natural terpene profile that improves both the taste and beneficial properties of the product. Panacea Life CBD Oil full-spectrum compounds boost the overall flavour profile and effectiveness of the CBD oil, but their precise formulation also delivers the “Entourage Effect” – a term which is used to describe a physiological phenomenon in which the properties of active hemp compounds appear to be more powerful when consumed together rather than by themselves individually.

CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, is produced from a variety of cannabis called hemp. Hemp contains a significant concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) and only a trace concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is the cannabinoid in cannabis that is recognised for its many medicinal benefits.

Each Panacea Cannabis Oil Capsule contains 200mg of cannabis oil, as recommended for cancer patients and those in severe pain.

Panacea Cannabis Oil Tincture 1000mg 12ml is a high-quality medical-grade cannabis oil that contains a 1:1 CBD/THC blend that has potent medicinal and therapeutic effects for many conditions. Panacea cannabis oil at the recommended dosage lacks the psychoactive effect commonly associated with a marijuana high.

Recent research has identified CBD/THC as an effective alternative treatment for cancer, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, depression, ADHD, Crohn’s disease, anxiety and many more. Panacea cannabis oil is a natural therapy that can be used safely and effectively on elderly people, children and even pets. We grow and produce with integrity and a commitment to our users to produce quality medication. We only use organic oils and organic carrier oils.

For reference, each Panacea Cannabis Oil Capsule is equivalent to approximately 25 drops of the Panacea Cannabis Oil Tincture.

CBD is beneficial for the reduction of muscular and joint pain and reduces the risk of diabetes and promotes cardiovascular health. CBD alleviates anxiety and stress, proving beneficial in the treatment of panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Research shows that CBD has significant anti-psychotic effects, reducing the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients. It is also beneficial in the treatment of cancer, as it is proven to produce anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative pro-apoptotic effects that inhibit cancer cell migration, adhesion and invasion. It also relieves the symptoms of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting.

While the studies of this ‘wonder-drug’ are plentiful, they’re most certainly still in their infancy thanks to the years of prohibition that are only now approaching their end. It’s sure that we’ll find even more promising benefits of CBD in the future, as well as better ways to extract it, and more effective ways to use it topically, medicinally and as a general supplement.

The recommended dosages by the manufacturer are as follows:

The capsules are a more potent dose, containing roughly 25 drops of the tincture. This is a great quality CBD oil product and one of the better out there in its own category.

What are the Properties of Panacea CBD Oil South Africans Might be Looking for

Let’s look a little bit closer at Panacea’s extracts, and their dosages.

Questions such as “what is the best CBD Oil in South Africa?” or “Does CBD oil get you high”? Luckily, we’re here to answer all those questions, in our quest to find the best CBD Oil South Africa has to offer. Here’s a look at an option from the health supplier Organica, which is a Cannabis Oil from a company called Panacea.

CBD Oil is a powerful chemical compound which naturally occurs in Cannabis or Hemp plants. It’s therapeutic and medicinal in its properties, as well as being non-intoxicating. These values make it one of the best ways to reap the well-studied benefits of cannabis for those who don’t want to get high in the process.

Panacea makes both capsules and tincture products, with the capsules coming in at 200mg CBD per capsule, and the tincture at 1000mg/12ml. It’s made from naturally grown hemp in the USA with no added sugar or artificial ingredients, available as sublingually dissolving pills (ie. place them under your tongue) for quick delivery and maximum absorption – or a tincture.