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Broad Spectrum Extract. A CBD product derived from extract or resin of hemp, containing all the cannabinoids and terpenes natural to the hemp plant.

We third party lab test every batch to guarantee CBD levels and purity.

Broad Spectrum products are natural oils containing cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. CBD is one of the most powerful compounds, providing a good measure of strength. Our products contain varying amounts of the other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, CBDVA, CBC. However, consistently only trace amounts of THC. We value Broad Spectrum extracts, where some companies choose not too. We understand that when together, cannabis compounds act synergistically, creating what’s known as ‘The Entourage Effect’. Evidence suggests this creates a more effective oil. Our products contain whole plant extracts, which are not manipulated. So when it comes to the hemp plant, it appears the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why you should try Broad Spectrum!


Raw Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil – Extra Virgin. With hemp grown by our great UK partner farmers.

This Organic CBD Oil contains organic hemp extract, infused in organic raw cold pressed hemp seed oil.

This Organic CBD Oil contains organic hemp extract, infused in organic raw cold pressed hemp seed oil.

Hemp plants are incredibly beneficial for soil health and removing carbon from the atmosphere. While they are growing, they remove toxins present in the soil, so it’s important to make sure your CBD oil is organic. Ours is pure and natural, with no nasties.

All CBDistillery products use non-GMO and pesticide-free industrial hemp that’s grown using natural farming practices on Colorado farms. Their hemp oils are some of the most affordable CBD products on the market, yet they still maintain a high standard of quality. CBDistillery has a wide variety of CBD potencies across its product line. We also love that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee so that you can try their CBD oil risk free.

Why buy: We love NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil because of its simplicity. With only two ingredients and one consistent strength, this oil makes it easy to know exactly what is in it and how much CBD you will get with each serving. Take NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil in the evenings to relax and enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Best Organic Broad Spectrum: Joy Organics CBD Oil

The source of the hemp used to extract CBD is vitally important. We recommend choosing brands that use organic and naturally-grown hemp raised in the U.S.A. for safety standards. This is the quickest way to ensure that the CBD itself is pure and free from pesticides or other harmful compounds.

CBD has the potential to help with a number of health and wellness concerns, especially anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. To make sure that you choose the right option, go with the best organic CBD oil without additives from a brand you trust. Use our list to help you get started and find the natural relief you need.

Organic farming practices help reduce the risk of hemp crops absorbing harsh chemicals that may later end up in CBD oil after extraction. When you’re taking CBD as a wellness supplement to help alleviate your symptoms or improve your overall well-being, the last thing you want is to ingest compounds that might negatively outweigh the benefits of CBD. This is an important reason to look for third party lab test results when shopping for CBD products since these certificates of analysis can show the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of a hemp extract, as well as test results that search for the presence of any residual solvents. If you choose a non-organic CBD oil, you will need to rely even more on the independent lab test results to make sure the product is safe.

USDA Certified Organic 5 flavors available 15mg – 45mg per serving 30 servings/bottle

CBD Oil Tinctures, Gummies, Softgels and Energy Drink

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I can’t say enough about my experience so far with Joy Organics and her support staff. They were so helpful when I first called, and I immediately placed an order. Then told my aunt and uncle about Joy’s website and all of the valuable information provided and I was ordering several bottles of CBD oil for them! Thank you for your amazing business and keep up the fine work you do!

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Joy Organics was birthed from Joy’s personal and life-changing experience with CBD. While searching for
natural ways to support sleep and joint health, Joy learned about CBD oil’s benefits and decided to give it a try.