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organic cbd oil treats for dogs

These treats contain a non-allergenic peanut butter flavor to help your pet obtain relief quickly. If your dog shows signs of anxiety, such as excessive grooming or hyperactivity, these soft chews can help to provide your dog with calm periods. Each chew contains 15mg of CBD, which helps to generate a relaxed, peaceful attitude while also reducing stress.

CBDfx makes products that your pet enjoys and that contain clean, simple ingredients. They’ve created CBD pet treats to deliver wellness benefits in a fun package for your pup, whether he’s big or small. In addition, several magazines have voted CBDfx among the top CBD brands, such as Observer , LasVegasSun and LAMag .

3. HolistaPet – Great Selection of Unique, Superfood Infused Flavors

Nourish your pup’s mind, body, and spirit with dog treats that not only deliver explosive flavor, but that gently care for his overall health as well.

The creator of Anxious Pet developed dog treats and other CBD products for pets because of his dog, Boulder. Boulder struggled from anxiety issues. Knowing that numerous situations can cause anxiety in pets, such as moving to a new area, visits to the vet, and loud storms, the Anxious Pet was created to assist other pet parents in meeting their pets’ needs. Boulder’s calm and tame demeanor was occasionally tinged with anxiety, which was later addressed with the use of CBD. Anxious Pet aspires to help other pets in the same way. Choose from two dog treat varieties:

HolistaPet offers a selection of natural CBD treats for dogs that are crafted with premium Colorado hemp and infused with CBD plus superfoods for added benefits. And if your pup prefers a softer, chewy treat as opposed to a crunchy treat, you’re in luck because HolistaPet created two soft chew varieties for your choosing. Select from several different products, including:

HolistaPet’s products are made with 100% all-natural ingredients that include 3 unique formulas that will keep your pet craving for more. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from for those pickier dogs who are not as food driven. Holista operates with a mission to end the imbalances caused by modern-day meds and return pets to a stable, balanced equilibrium that comes effortlessly when your pet’s body is naturally healthy. Founded by a team of health-conscious aficionados, they combined their experience to produce some of the highest-grade CBD products available for pets.

Hemp Source: They don’t provide details on where they source their hemp, but confirm proper research and lab-testing, including third-party testing.

These treats by cbdMD are specially formulated by a team of veterinarians with animal-approved flavors. Choose from a variety of treats and chewables and deliver a yummy surprise to your favorite furry friend.

5. Anxiouspet

Hemp Source: Natural hemp derived, and lab tested in the United States.

Verdict: The Anxious Pet provides a higher potency soft chew for your pet and is veterinarian formulated for your pup to help manage anxiety. Their 60-day risk free guarantee makes their products an easy choice.

So, when compiling this list of CBD dog treats, we looked at several different factors, including:

These treats have a yummy blueberry and sweet potato flavor and are specially formulated to boost immunity and strengthen the cardiovascular system. They even promote healthy skin and coats. If your pup is dealing with any skin problems, immune issues, or breathing and digestive issues, these are a great treat to improve health and wellness.

That said, the below bundle of CBD dog treats comes from a reputable brand and offers a great value when you snag all three packs.

These heart-shaped CBD dog treats are made with only 2mg of CBD, perfect for starting out slow. HempMy Pet

These treats come in variations of 5, 10, and 20mg a pop. Pet Hemp

Quality Bundle

You’ll also want to take a look at the CBD concentration (measured in milligrams), quality of ingredients, transparency of plant growing practices, flavor options, and the general reputation of the brand. Since that’s a lot of work to do, you can simply read on to find some favorite picks of the best CBD dog treats that you can buy for your pal today.

Think CBD is just for humans? Try again! The following are some of the best CBD dog treats on the market, to help soothe your anxious or pain-ridden floofy friend.

There is no known danger of taking too much, or overdosing, on CBD. However, since hemp does have low traces of THC (less than 0.3 percent), giving your dog a large amount at once could result in mild THC toxicity, resulting in lethargy or faulty balance. These feelings will subside after some rest.

It’s important to note that all dogs are different, and each dog may react differently to CBD based on a number of reasons. However, there is plenty of literature explaining the benefits of CBD and CBD dog treats, including its ample success in calming even hyper dogs.