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One Source CDB purchases only sustainable, organic, domestic, and laboratory-tested product. It is one of the earliest large-scale suppliers of isolate, and it implements "Vendor Managed Inventory" systems for factories and processors. This Min/Max system controls inventory flow and just-in-time inventory so companies can maximize sales while controlling inventory cost and expense. The company donates a portion of its profits to various hemp business organizations.

One Source CBD located in Renton, Washington is a division of GRN Funds and wholesales CBD isolate and distillate domestically and internationally. It deals in large block orders and has shipped to more than 100 customers globally.

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2020 / GRN Holding Corporation (OTC PINK:GRNF, the "Company"), announced today that the Company has completed its due diligence in connection with the acquisition of One Source CBD.

The acquisition includes all One Source CBD inventory, assets, licenses, and intellectual property.

About GRN Holding Corporation

GRN Holding Corporation (OTC Pink:GRNF) is a Nevada registered publicly-traded company.

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We provide high-quality CBD products for your natural, healthy lifestyle.


CBD large dog bone treats are unique, artisanal gourmet baked treats infused with Nano-Amplified CBD. Formulated for large breeds, large treat bags include fifteen 10MG bones. These natural oven-baked crunchy biscuits are a delicious way reward your pup while delivering all of the health benefits that CBD has to offer. They’re naturally preserved with vitamin E so there’s no need for artificial preservatives. Crafted using natural growing practices to support a healthy endocannabinoid system, this formula is safe, gentle, and effective. This endocannabinoid support formula and all Wildlife CBD formulas are 100% THC-free and non-psychoactive.

CBD will typically not result in a positive drug test. This is because most CBD, again, is derived from the hemp plant which contains low levels of THC. Many states continue to propose bills to legalize marijuana either recreationally and/or medically. These proposals have been used by many state officials as a part of their campaign strategies.

Marijuana, on the other hand, is legal recreationally in 10 states and medically in 33. Marijuana differs from CBD in that it is bred to have higher levels of THC to produce a mind-altering state or high. It is still illegal under federal law.

With all the confusion around CBD vs Marijuana, let’s dig a little deeper. In fact, let’s focus on CBD vs Marijuana In Background Screening. But first, let’s first look at what CBD is and what it is not. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in the cannabis plant, containing little to no THC and does not create a mind-altering state or high. It is often made from the hemp plant, which is not bred to contain high levels of THC. There is some confusion as to whether or not CBD is legal. The FDA approved a purified form of CBD for the treatment of epilepsy in 2018, however, the FDA has posted numerous warnings that it does not approve over the counter CBD products. There are 14 states that have a law specifically allowing CBD to be sold, however, it is heavily regulated.

So what does this all mean for your drug testing policy? Marijuana is still considered illegal federally, so the standard five-panel test can still be used. You should make sure to have a clear drug testing policy in place. If you are in a state that has legalized marijuana recreationally or medically, you may want to consider running a four-panel drug test. This test excludes marijuana.

Employers still have the right to enforce a safe work environment and should expect their employees are not under the influence. Any federally regulated industry, such as the Department of Transportation, will not allow employees to test positive for marijuana (or any other of the tested panels) and perform safety-sensitive job functions.