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First things first, I live in Los Angeles. The CBD trend hit both New York and LA, hard. It’s fairly easy to get your hands on CBD oil here — whether you’re popping into Moon Juice, Whole Foods, or even Urban Outfitters. Plus, this is 2019. You can order almost anything online.

One of our editors tried a bunch of non-psychoactive CBD products to help control her anxiety levels.

Secondly, I have terrible anxiety. I think it is one of my defining characteristics (unfortunately). I am prone to anxiety attacks and I do take a prescribed medication when they become overwhelming. However, I tend to vibrate with nerves most of the time anyway (fun!). I have been trying to combat them with yoga and therapy, but taking an oil every day sounds like a faster fix (or a potential disaster), and at this point in my life I am game for anything!

I had high hopes, but reader, I could not get past the taste. I am very sensitive to flavors, which is great for some things (like taste-testing Pringles) and bad for others I suppose. I could have tried mint, but honestly, I hate artificial mint flavoring. I abandoned this one after a few days despite the brand’s suggestion that I could put it in something like a smoothie, coffee or yogurt.

While on my quest to find something tasty that I could take daily, I stopped by Moon Juice — which offers juices as well as coffees and matchas with adaptogenic “dusts.” My local shop offers CBD as a beverage add-in. The brand is still Charlotte’s Web, but they only offer the highest dosage.

Most of us know that the key to a killer liquid breakfast is the perfect blend of fruit (and veggies), your milk of choice and your fave nut butter. But when you add some adaptogen power and hemp extract oil to the mix, magic happens. As the food you incorporate into your smoothies nourishes your body from the inside out, adaptogens and hemp help to streamline the body’s natural stress response, leaving you feeling calm, centered and ready to tackle the day.

It’s time to take your summer smoothie game to the next level.

Deep Mocha Brain

Many folks out in Los Angeles and Venice Beach are already aware of wellness cult favorite Moon Juice, the plant-sourced alchemy shop that’s behind the mystical Moon Dust creation, a blend of adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that help combat the effects of stress. And now, Moon Juice is partnering with Boulder, Colorado-based Charlotte’s Web to create adaptogen-packed, hemp-infused smoothies in-house. Check out their collaborative elixirs below.

Nothing screams summer like pineapple and coconut — until you add Moon Juice’s Power Dust, coconut milk, CW’s mint chocolate-flavored hemp extract oil, gingered lemon, turmeric and frozen bananas to the mix. If you’re feeling a little sluggish and out of it, this smoothie can help boost those energy levels in a snap. Bring on all the tropical vibes!

Feel like the truest version of you with this powerful blend of Moon Juice’s Sex Dust, CW’s mint chocolate-flavored hemp extract oil, almond milk, cacao nibs, blue spirulina, mint and frozen avocado. Fight stress and fatigue while upping your energy and boosting your well-being all at the same time.

With two each of Moon Juice’s brilliant Spirit, Beauty, Power, Brain, Dream and Sex supplement sachets, this Full Moon Dust Box is brimming with essential vitamins and minerals to give both brain and body an unbeatable boost. Nourishing body, beauty and consciousness from the inside out, this makes the perfect gift for anyone in need of a little lift.

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Moon Juice’s innovative Moon Dusts are custom blends of adaptogenic super herbs and super mushrooms, which help combat the effects of stress to nourish body, beauty, and consciousness from the inside out. On hand to give you a boost wherever you need it, this Full Moon Dust Box contains two sachets each of Spirit, Beauty, Power, Brain, Dream and Sex dust, perfect for travelling or a unique gift. Simply add your chosen booster to tea, coffee, water, a smoothie or stir it into your porridge (or ice cream!) and enjoy the benefits…

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