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medi paws cbd oil for dogs

Pure Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (from the Cannabis sativa plant, but with virtually no THC or CBD content), with added Nutritional Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

While there can be several sources of EFAs (including both fish and certain plants), the former can make your pet’s breath stink and are more apt to be contaminated with heavy metals, so should be taken in limited quantity, while some of the latter lack the full nutritional profile found in hemp seed oil – especially this variety produced by Nova Scotia’s Stephen Health Agency.

You’ve likely heard of Omega-3s and/or their EPA and DHA components, and have may even include them to your own diet with either fish or plant-based oils to benefit your heart and brain and relieve inflammation and pain issues, but don’t forget your pets! This Canadian-made product provides not only that, but the complete Omega cluster (3, 6, and 9), in an optimal balance – including GLA (the best type of Omega-6, which serves as a precursor to DHA and EPA). It’s also bolstered with nutritional yeast for an enhanced B-vitamin, protein, and enzymatic profile.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) aren’t just something humans need to take in through their diet to maintain their health: animals like cats and dogs do, too!

This is a non-GMO, pesticide-free product that’s also 100% vegan. Made in Canada.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) aren’t just something humans need to take in through their diet to maintain their health: animals like cats and dogs do, too!

Info: 355ml (12 fl oz) Bottle

Cannabis sativa hemp seed oil contains more EFA’s than flax seed oil. It is free of potential toxic contaminants found in fish oil supplements. It also provides the perfect 3:1 EFA balance. In addition, our Medi-Paws® contains naturally reoccurring enzymes.No need to waste your hard earned money on other supplementation. Our Medi-Paws® is truly ONE STOP SHOP FOR HEALTH!

Our Medi-Paws® is also rich in GLA (the good omega-6) GLA;precursors to DHA, EPA.

Omega -3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids (EFA’S) for humans as well as for dogs and cats because they cannot be made in the body. In order to maintain optimal health and wellness, these fatty acids must be obtained through diet and supplementation. EPA and DHA are necessary structural components of cell membranes.

Because we cannot (people, cats and dogs) synthesize EFA’s, supplemental EFA is required. Due to the increasing levels of contaminants found in our food supply, specifically in cold water fish, Medi-Paws® is the superior supplement.

DIRECTIONS: For dogs and cats up to 20 lbs body weight – 5ml per day either taken alone or mixed with food. Daily intake to increase in direct proportion to body weight.

Is your dog or cat showing signs of unease when left at home? Are they chewing carpets or excessively wanting your attention? We have the perfect care for calming your pets with MediPaws Essential Hemp Oil Calming Support+ Drops for both dogs and cats, fully certified organic third party lab tested with certificate of analysis! An excellent source of essential dietary nutrients, which support the natural systems in which control feelings of nervousness and unease in dogs and cats. Benefits of Hemp also include increased appetite, a balanced diet, improved sleep and a fantastic source of dog vitamins, vital for maintaining healthy joints in active dogs and regulating dog behaviour. Click below to begin your pet’s MediPaws journey to sustaining a calm and confident pooch!

Having trouble shifting that ghastly doggy breath? Can’t see those pearly whites from plaque and tartar build up? Well, we have the perfect solution for keeping your dog’s oral hygiene in check with MediPaws Essential Teeth Support +. The vitamins and minerals present in seaweed is key for good dental care in dog’s by removing any hardened tartar build up on your their teeth without the need for a professional clean, which causes bleeding gums, sensitive teeth & swelling. Making Our Essential Teeth Support+ perfect for keeping your four-legged friend happy, healthy and plaque free!

Essential Hemp Oil Calming Support+

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