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Master Growers THC products are formulated for superior bioavailability and efficacy utilizing some of the most medicinal delivery mechanisms in Nature: Terpenes. Learn More.

About Master Growers

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Doctors are now recognizing the value it provides to their patients. We have all witnessed the deep impact of chronic disease on friends, family or a loved one. Supplementing with THC has a great capacity to improve day-to-day comfort levels allowing people greater quality of life, and presence.

THC is a super-antioxidant, fighting free radicals and inflammation. It is neuro-protective, reduces anxiety, and helps to slow sugars entering the blood stream. It is certainly one of the most versatile and balanced supplements we can add to our daily routine. Its therapeutic effects impact multiple organs, glands and systems.

Our formulas were developed through the blending of research on historical uses of cannabinoids, herbs and spices with modern science. Our products are “patient approved” and have been refined through direct feedback from people experiencing chronic conditions.

With so many THC products entering the market each day, it’s difficult for people to discern which products are effective, legitimate, or even how much of the active constituents are in the bottle. Our products are tested, clearly labeled, easy to administer.

These formulas are safe, natural, and effective solutions to keep you active, empowered and engaged in your life. In addition to compassionate medicine for chronic conditions, these THC products can be used in a preventative and/or lifestyle capacity to maintain wellness.

There is not currently a standardized Master Grower program or any set of universally recognized skills that a Master Grower must possess. There are also no accredited institutions of higher education that confer the title of Master Grower onto anyone.

A proven combination of horticultural skills in the field or greenhouse setting, an acumen for making sound business decisions, and an understanding of growing cannabis will often substitute for any document touting one as a Master Grower.

Maximum Yield Explains Master Grower

Master Growers must not only be well versed and experienced in the growing of cannabis, but be generally educated in the fields of horticulture, agriculture and/or botany. Organizations and companies that hire Master Growers generally expect that they can handle every aspect of the grow from designing the space, figuring the equipment needs, composing the growing protocols, and may even be responsible for hiring all of the staff that would ultimately report to him or her.

Likewise, a person can, with experience, assume the role of Master Grower among many other growers, unofficially, by simply taking charge of the grow and being the troubleshooter.

The status of Master Grower may or may not be required by all companies or individuals looking to hire someone to oversee their growing operation.