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is cbd oil legal in florida

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Florida has a bumpy history with marijuana. In 1933, a young man named Victor Licata mutilated his family members — parents, two brothers, and sisters — with an ax. He had been previously treated for mental illness, but the police attributed his atrocious act to marijuana cigarettes. As it was later shown after the murder, there was no evidence that Licata used marijuana at the time or generally in his life.

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In this article, you’ll learn about both methods on top of Florida’s laws with regard to cannabis and its derivatives.

It would be difficult to run a thorough research on a brand in a physical store, especially now that many manufacturers are churning out products with less CBD than listed on the bottles. Others use unwanted additives, such as solvents, synthetic flavorings, or pesticides.

But did you know that the state of Florida also allows the sale of hemp-derived CBD products? To make things better, you don’t need a prescription to purchase CBD oil from hemp. These products are easily available over the counter in pharmacies, organic food stores, and vape shops as long as they contain 0.3% THC or less.

In 2014, the United States government updated the Agricultural Act to allow industrial hemp to be grown as an agricultural commodity. The primary purpose of industrial hemp under the Farm Bill is to be grown for research purposes. However, the bill also made the sale of hemp products legal on the federal level.

Although the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative went into effect in January 2017, there are specific conditions that need to be met to receive medical marijuana.

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In 1933, a young man named Victor Licata used an ax to murder his parents, two brothers, and sister. He had been previously treated for mental illness, but the police report and press attributed his violent outburst to marijuana cigarettes.

The specific conditions that need to be met include:

First, let’s examine the laws regarding marijuana in the state of Florida.

Florida is the southeasternmost U.S. state, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other. The state possesses hundreds of miles of beaches. What’s more, the city of Miami is well-known for its notable arts and Latin-American cultural influences. Also, due to its famous nightlife, particularly in upscale South Beach. There are also many famous theme parks in Orlando, such as Walt Disney World.

As you might know, (CBD) may come from two sources: marijuana and hemp. However, it is worth noting that CBD hemp oil has relatively lower THC concentrations than marijuana-based CBD. In fact, although Florida CBD laws allow the use of hemp-based cannabidiol products, they don’t allow marijuana-based ones. Primarily, this is because hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC. On the other hand, marijuana products may comprise up to 15% THC. That is enough to get you ‘high’ when you consume it.

What Are the Requirements for Doctors?

More often than not, the FDA has a stringent ruling on medical advice and health claims that go on the label of a particular CBD product. The FDA set regulations on products containing hemp, as well as hemp-derived CBD products. What’s more, the Farm Bill enables the state to control and even ban CBD production and commerce associated with it. The regulation even goes a step further to regulate CBD food, dietary supplements, cosmetic products, and beverage.

Undoubtedly, with so many terms like CBD, marijuana, cannabis, and hemp, people can get really confused. Do they all mean the same thing? Are Florida CBD laws also used with hemp-based products? And is CBD hemp legal in Florida?

The legal status of CBD in Florida has been a subject of debate for a while after Donald J. Trump signed the U.S. Farm Bill into law back in 2018. The law was clear on the freedom when it comes to selling industrial hemp. However, the isolation of cannabis blows hot and cold in the mind of every Floridian. It became a heated debate when a particular North Carolina woman got arrested in Florida for possessing a bottle of CBD oil. That occurred back in 2019.