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huile de cbc

Ne jette pas d'huile sur le feu : Don't add fuel to the fire

Changement* d'huile : An oil change (in international French you would say une vidange d'huile)


Ça, c'est une idée qui fait tache d'huile : That's an idea that's gaining ground/snowballing

Huile d'olive : Olive oil

L'huile de pépin de raisin : Grapeseed oil

The first meeting of growers and producers of olive oil in Israel is especially important in this period. The olive is the fruit of peace, and a symbol of a common tradition in the region. Olive oil is a product of health, cooking, and history.

In ARTOLIO we are aimed at strengthening the small, regional farmers to preserve the rich culture and the many varieties in this sector, and we also hope for sharing knowledge and experience.

After knowing each other, we will go over the common tasks in the project, especially to partners from the Middle East, continuing the tradition, and building the future.

The first meeting between the olive oil producers from Israel and Palestine participating in the EU-funded ARTOLIO project will take place on the 25th May in Karmiel. The event is organised by the partner Beit Hakerem Clusters from Israel.

The first meeting of growers and producers of olive oil in Israel is special – a meeting attended by Jewish and Arab farmers from Israel and Palestine. The meeting is intended for the initial acquaintance of the Middle East farmers who work in the same climatic zone and with the same varieties and share the same ancient tradition of olive oil production.

Confirm your participation by email: [email protected]

Tasting experts from the “Terra Olivo” international olive oil competition, Traditional orchards growers from the Galilee participating in the ARTOLIO ENI CBCMED project, Researchers and Instructors in the olive industry sector.

D.O.P is the top achievement for any food producer, let alone olive oil producers in Israel and Palestine. The EU recognition in a product, through this sort of regional marking, is one of the highest quality stamps a producer can achieve which influence immediately economically.

ARTOLIO accompagne les producteurs d'huile d'olive israéliens pour la mise en place de la première marque régionale : Appellation d'Origine Protégée pour les oliveraies traditionnelles de Galilée.

14:30 – Departure from the “Terra Olivo” competition complex in Shefayim for a tour through the “Million Trees Valley”
16:30 – Arrival at Hanania Farm in the Galilee
17: 00-19: 00 – Lectures and discussion on the outline in which the D.O.P. model will be presented
19:00 – Presentation of a draft of the regulations for participation in a regional
marking project.
19:00-20: 30 – Authentic dinner at a Galilean restaurant
20:30-22:00- Back to the hotel in Shefayim

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The project board will include the representatives of the key partners: