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how to make cbd oil suppositories

Suppositories are ideal choice for many patients – for example for those undergoing chemotherapy; these people suffer from severe nausea and thus it is often impossible for them to digest cannabis edibles. They are also suitable for elderly and children and for those who cannot swallow pills. Moreover, suppositories would benefit surgical patients who cannot eat immediately before and after operations, and also patients who are unable to swallow due to stroke or another disease.

How to Use Them?

Keep lying sidelong at least for next few minutes. There is a risk that fluid from the suppository will mildly leak during next few hours – you should take that into account when planning other activities (this is why the best time to apply the suppository is before you go to sleep).

Cannabis suppositories have usually conic shape and they are administered rectally (vaginal suppositories are specific, and they would deserve a separate article). A two grams suppository (the most common) is approximately 2.5 cm long, and the basic mixture is made from cocoa butter with a “touch” of coconut oil or shea butter – all of that mixed with cannabis extract. If you do not have an access to the extract, you can mix cocoa butter with dried cannabis buds and prepare the basis the same way, as if you were making homemade cannabis cream.

Suppository forms are usually sold in two-gram version for adults and one-gram version for children. When they are prepared, they should be stored in a cold place. Before inserting, it is good to make sure that the suppository is firm. If not, put it into a fridge or a freezer (it is actually best to store them in fridge the whole time).

Oh yeah… Feel free to resume your giggling.

And ladies… (Actually, I’m talking to you too fellas, grandmas and everybody else for that matter.) if you want to deliver your cannabinoids rectally, absorb more cannabinoids and avoid the intense head-high you get from edibles , these diy cannabis suppositories are where it’s at.

As a rectal application, they allow you to quickly absorb higher therapeutic doses of medicinal cannabis compounds without getting insanely intoxicated.

How to Use Cannabis Suppositories

I’m not a fan of those disposable plastic suppository molds. They can be hard to fill, a pain to open and spendy if you make lots of these (and you will!). I almost invested in an expensive metal suppository mold when I couldn’t find anything else last year. But those are bulky and only make 12 suppositories with each use.

While rectally, they work completely different, and bring up another big benefit of cannabis suppositories — They work fast. Suppositories work with the lining in your colon to spread their healing magic quickly through nearby organs and into the bloodstream.

As a weed lube alternative, these suppositiories allow you to apply cannabinoids “all up in there” which is incredible and seems to last much longer than the other weed lubricants I’ve shared in the past.

Ladies… if you experience cramping and aching during your period, I have a remedy for you.

Like much of cannabis, the science behind cannabis suppositories is a bit limited. Originally thought to only deliver medication locally, recent research has led to the possibility that upwards of 80% bioavailability of THC can be achieved systemically via rectal administration. However, much of this was reduced by first pass effect, meaning little to no psychoactive experience felt by patients. This makes suppositories a great option for patients with pelvic pain would prefer to avoid the psychotropic effect of cannabis or those with difficult to treat pelvic pain.

Cannabis suppositories require relatively high doses of cannabinoids, so a concentrated oil like distillate, CO2 oil, RSO, or FECO is best. I prefer a combination of CBD and THC for my endometriosis, but different conditions may do best with a different ratio of cannabinoids.

Can I sub the cocoa butter?

We’ve probably all seen stories of “weed tampons.” Truth is, they aren’t tampons, they are suppositories made from cannabis and they can be a game changer for people with chronic pelvic pain such as that experienced with endometriosis. They are also super easy to make – saving tons of money from pre-made dispensary versions.

The recipe below will make suppositories that are approximately 50-75mg in strength depending on the concentration of your oil (60-90%). While there isn’t sufficient scientific data regarding dosing, most commercially available suppositories are in this range. I’ve personally experimented with various doses and found minimal relief until I used doses that exceeded 50mg.

You can use cannabis distillate, CO2 oil, RSO, or FECO for making cannabis suppositories. I prefer to use anywhere from a 1:1 to 1:4 ratio of CBD to THC. I find a ratio to be more effective than suppositories made with only CBD or only THC.