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Green Rush Daily published an article last year stating, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has done extensive research regarding CBD water. Unsurprisingly, their findings have shown that the water can provide a variety of health benefits.”

CBD or cannabidiol, the low THC product that everyone touts as being “the non-psychoactive form of cannabis,” (which in and of itself is slightly misleading, but that is for a different column) destabilizes when exposed to light or oxygen. Legitimate CBD products are sold in dark, opaque bottles with labels that warn the consumer to store the bottle away from light, in a cool, dark place.

Two identical drams of CBD from Avicanna’s laboratories demonstrate the lighter, pinkish one on the . [+] right was exposed to oxygen.

Furthermore, a daily dose of at least 10-25mg is recommended to be beneficial to the human body’s endocannabinoid system, for non-medical reasons. At that rate, a person would have to drink five to thirteen bottles of Love Hemp water per day, provided it is stored in the dark, such as in a wine cellar, before purchase, then consumed all in one shot.

“That is a terrifically sloppy way of insinuating they have super bioavailability; and, at such a high implied rate as to be nearly impossible. At worst, it showcases a terrific lack of knowledge and is simply not responsible,” debunks Bunka.

While Evans says the number of CBD waters on the market continues to grow, she says not all of them are high-quality. “Something people should know about buying CBD products in general is that brands are not required to test the CBD they’re using,” she says. She adds that some brands are going the extra mile to prove the authenticity by getting a certificate of analysis (COA), showing that the CBD in their products have been tested.

She adds that dosage is also something else it’s good to look for on CBD water labels (or the very least on the brand’s website.) Most CBD water brands have between two to five milligrams of CBD per serving.

CBD and other cannabinoids have long been associated with lowering inflammation, which is beneficial for everyone, but Evans says it means CBD water could be extra beneficial for athletes. “Inflammation can cause muscle soreness and the water is of course good for hydration,” she points out.

3. Sipping CBD water may be good for your heart

But in general, she says both CBD water and CBD oil have the same potential perks as the benefits stem from the CBD itself, not the water or oil.

But certainly you don’t want to shell out for something that isn’t legit. Before you buy into CBD water, it’s important to know what it is, how it could be beneficial, any risks, and how to know what products are truly worth your time and attention. This guide explains everything you need to know.

You know the CB1 and CB2 receptors Evans mentioned? There’s some evidence that suggests this interaction could help relieve migraines, too. “Cannabinoids. present a promising class of compounds for both acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine pain,” concludes a 2018 review in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology , thanks to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. (However, more research is needed to understand exactly the mechanism behind these potential benefits, as well as how CBD can be most effectively used to treat migraines.) Proper hydration is also important for avoiding migraines, which is why CBD water in particular may be a good solution.

A study conducted in 2017 found that almost 70 percent of online CBD products are mislabeled, either having substantially more or less CBD than advertised. Looking for a COA on a product ensures that what’s on the label matches what’s in the product. “The fact that so many brands don’t test their products or use proper dosage could be one reason why some people report not feeling the effects of CBD at all,” Evans says.

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* PLEASE recycle the bottle when done!

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