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For over 20 years, we have worked to bring you the very latest and greatest from the world of Hemp; to provide you sustainable alternatives to everyday items; creating ecologically, environmentally and sustainable products from all over the globe. As the UK’s longest-running Hemp company, we now offer even more products at fantastic prices with a greater selection than ever before. This has been a long journey and a journey we will continue. When we started, all those years ago, barely anyone knew what Hemp was and those that did, only knew it was either Rope or Dope. Now, as then, we have a range we are truly proud of: from ethical hemp clothing and accessories, sustainable hemp fabrics and interiors, to the power-packed nutrition in Hemp foods and the nourishing Hemp Oil in our natural beauty products.

The extraordinary Hemp plant continues to surprise and amaze us with its power and versatility. Whether you are looking for organic hemp food or fabrics, seeds or soaps, Hemp really is the super seed that we all need. And its scope keeps on growing – forget the Hemp car! Now there’s a Hemp plane, Hemp plastics for 3D printing and Hemp Graphene Super-capacitors. These and many more products have come into existence because there is a growing and ever expanding group of people, all over the globe, dedicated to saving our home – Planet Earth. That’s why we do, what we do.

But enough about us. This really is bigger than Good Hemp. There’s a whole gang of us that believe hemp could change the world – from surfers and swimmers to farmers and construction workers – we call this the #goodgang. But we need the customer’s support. That’s why we’ve made a list of brands and products that use hemp. So that you (yeah, you) can be part of the change.

MIA stands for Made In Africa, and this company makes sure its products are not only Made in Africa, but done so with locally sourced ingredients and materials. What’s more they have a signature bar with almond nuts and hemp seed made with cocoa mass, cane sugar and cocoa butter. Smooth and creamy (just like our dairy-free milks).

3. Afends Clothing

We found these hemp swimsuits while browsing sustainable shopping site R ê ve en Vert. A lot of what’s on the market is made out of polyester – a non-biodegradable material which can irritate your skin. Anyone else outraged about that £1 bikini from Misguided, which claimed to be “empowering women” with a price that was totally unsustainable and disrespectful of women further down the production line? Well that was made from polyester. Okay rant over. Back to celebrating Natasha Tonic for using a natural hemp fibre which isUV resistant, made to last and a healthier choice for people’s skin.

When it comes to getting a sustainable wardrobe, look no further than this surf and skate brand. They’ve spent years researching hemp and discovered that it was one of the most sustainable ways to make clothing. Unlike cotton, the plant naturally irrigates and doesn’t need any pesticides or chemicals to grow and the material makes durable clothing which “wears in not out” – aka it’s made to last. They now make everything from shirts and skirts to the most sustainable board shorts around. They even made a feature film about hemp.

These guys started using hemp around the same time as us (maybe even a little before) and they were met with the same response …”you’re using what?!” Back then, a lot of people thought hemp was what you smoked at a festival. However 20 years on their hemp body care range is still going strong. (It might even be one of the best performing product lines in Body Shop history.) They, like us, use hemp seed oil’s omega-rich properties for heavy duty hydration for dry skin. Their bestselling Hemp Hand Protector is meant to restore moisture for up to 24 hours, while their body moisturiser is a great all-rounder.

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