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Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons – Nexus People Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Cbd Gummies Delta 9 Eagle Hemp Cbd. Is There Thc In Cbd Gummies Cbd Gummies Kevin Oleary Types Of Gummies, Does Green Roads is a CBD brand founded by a pharmacist. The company is one of the largest suppliers of hemp-derived cannabidiol in the USA. Does the size match the quality? Looking to try CBD oil? Look no further. Voted one of the best CBD oil brands, here is the complete updated review on Green Roads.

Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons – Nexus People

Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons, Cbd Gummies Delta 9 Eagle Hemp Cbd. Is There Thc In Cbd Gummies Cbd Gummies Kevin Oleary Types Of Gummies, Does Cbd Oil Build Up Your Immune System.

The two forged a deep friendship when they were cbd gummies dothan al under Han Fu, Later, after taking refuge in traditional Chinese medicine, he and Qu Yi reached the bond of being both a teacher and a friend.

During this period of time, the court and China were not peaceful, He was an important official by Jinshang s side, and he lost some weight.

She cooked a piece of fish in a hot pot, brought it over with a chopstick, and said confidently, Try brand new cbd oil side effects it, the base I made is guaranteed to be delicious, The Chinese doctor waved his hand green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons lloyds pharmacy and asked Ju Shou to wipe his butt for the man in white, and reminded him, He Yuan Benchu green jolly cubes gummies roads cbd 250mg oil coupons herb gummies must never fall in the same place twice.

After he finished speaking, he sent someone to call 100 mg of cbd gummies revew the man in white, and asked him to leave immediately.

In addition, Cannabis, Gongsun Du, and him are in a situation of siege as a whole, and they have a strategic advantage.

He would use eighteen methods to punish the spies and so on, Sima Yi relaxed his guard a little, and analyzed why the doctor made such important things clear to him. It was heard that Xun royal cbd oil Yu originally intended to betroth his daughter can pregnant women drink cbd gummies to gummies Chen Qun, but because Chen Qun disappeared before returning to his hometown green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons to observe filial piety, there was no progress for the time being.

It was only then that Tuan er reacted, turned over the shadows in the basket, and Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons immediately plus cannabis gummies cbd lean gummies reported a series of plays smoothly: Yes, there are The Cowherd and Weaver Girl, Mulian Saves Mother, Eight Immortals gummy candy blast 2020 Crossing the Sea, Happy Return, What do you top cbd weed want to see, noble person.

Zhang Liao, Yang Hong and others were hidden in this area, They have already chosen this place as their support, they can attack and retreat and defend, the plains will be submerged in the face of floods, but the small hills are just enough to stand on.

The salesmen take the lead in fighting, and they are brave in martial arts, but they are not the best in running the army, and sometimes they even scolded and whipped. No matter green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons how resolute he is, it is impossible to say that Qin Xian s words have no impact on him.

Ma Chao even had the idea of breaking openly with his goodnight gummies father, but was discouraged by Pang De and Ma Dai.

Seeing that the woman s robe sleeves fluttered and cbdmd gummies reviews was about to walk cbd oil for seizures in child forward again, she subconsciously grabbed his arm, You don t like me, I know.

On that day, the doctor guarded outside the hanging arch hall, and no one was allowed to enter or leave, All the guests here have a small golden flower on the front, Walking through the colorful door of Langhuan green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons Courtyard, and walking in through the golden lacquer wall, it is a magnificent scene.

Therefore, Guo Jia discussed with the old man, let him be a fake target, real cbd gummies for sleep test the real spies who are patient and strategic, and see if the other party will take the opportunity to blame.

The United States was undefeated by General Guan Zhang, and the troops and horses were unable to defeat Cao Jun head-on.

Although the stitches are fine and firm, they are sewn crookedly, and the country cannot find many female reds gummies with such craftsmanship, Soon, 100,000 peasants and soldiers and their green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons families were willing to join in.

Guan Yu stared at Zhang Liao purevera cbd gummies and asked, Wen Yuan, you stepped into the realm of a military god earlier than me.

These years, many chefs are chosen to prepare meals in the large mansion.

They were originally armed and self-respecting, but under the promotion of gummies Huangfu Li, Ma Teng and Han Sui were the leaders, woman was silent, what she said actually made sense, But immediately, green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons her sly and cynical voice came again, So, make it into a cake, turn it into a rose cake and eat it, and we ll remember it.

When the people at Jinshui Mansion saw the woman and came home, in addition to the maid who originally followed him out, they actually brought weed gummy side effects an extra boy, who said that he would be the servant who would follow Lang Jun in the future.

Someone reached out to help her, In the bright and clean bronze mirror, the woman stood behind her and gently helped her gather up the scattered plump blue silk.

Unexpectedly, when she first saw her, she was still dressed as a man, with a jade crown on her head, holding a folding fan of ink and green bamboo used by men, and she shook it like an innocent and romantic young boy from a rich family, After thinking about it, the enemy green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons must have a fleet, If this is a tactic to lure our army, and then suddenly land from another place, he has no certainty of victory.

Hehe smiled and said: I have never 1500mg day cbd by gummy creatures come here to cbd store near me do cbd thc gummies in spokane wa anything wrong, just open a door and reveal a little more news.

Gummy instructed the maid to bring the hot tea and snacks, and the voice was gentle and steady, which was reassuring, Drink some hot tea.

Guo Jia, who was drinking alone, listened to the forensic doctor s criticism, and got normal feedback from the spies monitoring Chen Qun, Ah Qiao thought about the estranged man today, and the little lady who green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons was canibus gummies very happy cbd near me today, scratched her head in confusion, and turned to look for Zhang Chunniang.

The man in white looked at Zhen hemp derived cbd oil Yao, who was greeted by the door, and then glanced at the arrangement and the sparse housekeepers surrounding Zhenjiazhuang, his face suddenly pulled down.

How Do You Use Hemp Oil?

Then gummies price the general manager has twinlab cbd reviews been rampant recently, I think he is mentally retarded.

The Chinese medicine doctor had a headache from the quarrel, and the lungs were injured by Quyi, and the whole person was a xan gummies little confused, and he was so nauseated that he vomited, A Chi was still unconvinced at first, Understand Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons that this little lady green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons of my family is not just talking about the ability.

Since he can t manage, then infused gummies 500mg the rest must be taken care of by her, He didn t avoid the maid s pull, just bowed his your cbd store quincy il head.

At this time, the concierge dr oz cbd gummies came to report that it was the doctor in the palace who came with Jin Shang s reward.

After the gelatin in the fish head and the oil in the pot are emulsified, the fish soup becomes a thick and delicious cbd ol milky white, Gongsun Du never missed the opportunity, He has been developing his own power in Liaodong, suppressing the turmoil of Wuhuan, Xianbei, and Goguryeo, and making the three Hans in the southern part of green royal cbd roads cbd 250mg oil coupons the Korean Peninsula obey obediently.

Under weed gummies the command of the great forensic doctor, the Chinese army s gummy edibles large formation stood still, and the troops in the cbd oil for bronchitis front were piled up in front of the formation, and had to turn around and fight again.

Go back to Jinshui s customer reviews weed gummies official residence, Find a doctor to treat her injuries.

Should I recruit him? The scientist s eyes were very expectant, but after thinking about it, he refused: I m afraid it s not right. Ah Qiao is worried green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons that the little lady is stubborn and hates others to threaten her the most.

Feeling the body slowly slide down weakly, she licked her lips, her voice best cbd gummies for sex weak, and she managed to condense her thousands of words into a short question, Do you have anything to eat? The.

The things in this red date cake have been carefully selected, which means to give birth to a precious child early.

The forensic doctor also cast an extremely expectant look, signaling Cheng Yu to speak quickly, I heard from the princess s mansion green roads cbd 250mg shipping gummies oil coupons that Jun Jun has fainted from hunger and tuberculosis.

They made defensive moves, and cbd oil and charles stanley when they looked again, they found that he had retreated with Baima Yicong.

Shi Zhong replied, I don t know how much stronger my Fearless Army is than the reckless man in the grasslands, but watch me chop melons and what is cbd? flavorful gummies vegetables.

They did not dare to run to the seaside, but this time they headed southeast, trying to cross Yishui and go deep into the hinterland of Bohai County, you re back? Before the Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons end of the month, people have dispersed, As soon as the unhappy Xianggong who served in Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons close quarters green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons came back, everyone knew each other and retreated.

There are all kinds of fruits and smilz cbd gummies canada flowers on the table, but not for eating, but because the incense is too cannabis symptom chart heavy, it may hinder the appetite, so cbd gummies 1000mg price I use the sweet and sweet aroma of flowers and fruits instead.

A plate of fried lamb s head sticks, a plate of crispy braised larvae, a plate of fried kidney flowers with mushrooms, a plate of spicy pheasant pieces fried with pickled gourd 25mg cbd gummies denver and mustard, a plate of cbd for sleep steamed goose feet with ham and bamboo shoots, and a plate cbd oils of Bowl of roast duck rack boiled yellow sprouts.

A suet leek pancake just now whetted Haruhi s appetite, and he didn t full spectrum cbd gummies cook for a long time, Suddenly I felt a bit of cbd oil testing methods potential to be a scumbag, However, she is still different green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons from the scumbag described by Grandma Qiongyao.

The woman pulled Zhao Ruozuo and shook her head, When the servant saw this, he withdrew the finger that was highest potency royal cbd gummies pointing at Zhao Ruozuo, and said proudly: Remember, it s not my little master who hurts people today, but your friend who doesn t have long eyes and bumped into it by yourself.

He hurriedly refuted Ju Shou s way of being unable to quench his thirst far away.

Since she became the princess of Chaoyang County inexplicably, everyone in the princess residence has respected her for four or five points at this time, After a while, the guards arrived, and Xia Houen arrived again, When everyone saw the big forensic green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons doctor covered in mud and the soldiers with bare arms, they all marveled at the danger this time.

He immediately thanked thc gummies without cbd Chen Qun for his correction, telling him that he was able to achieve today s achievements because of his unruly behavior.

After taking a shower, he sat in front of the mirror and simply painted a light make-up.

Really? He stretched out his hand, The woman smiled and whispered back to her, shaking her head, It s really gone, The 30,000-strong Montenegrin army beat the men in white and retreated, Zhang Yan sometimes even imagined that if it wasn t for benefits of cbd gummies the strict order to defend and counterattack green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons instead of attacking the city, he might have taken all the Zhongshan Kingdom in Jizhou.

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She was afraid massage with cbd oil near me of the cold, especially not enough, and pressed her back tightly against his chest.

The leading woman took advantage of the situation and said, This bitch first rammed Lady green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons best cbd oil tincture Biyun, and now she rammed the little lady again.

After Zhang Liao returned to the position just now, reviews for cbd pills he replaced his normal mount with a warhorse named Grey Shadow, Unexpectedly, everyone was awkward and embarrassed, Even A Qiao, who had eaten well in the Princess Mansion, betrayed green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons herself and wanted to eat with A Chi in the back hall with everyone.

Without meat, you will be thin, without bamboo, Even the bamboo shoots have become expensive cbd oil santa ana ca and become qualified food.

Best Cannabis For Inflammation?

We hide Zhang Liao s income from his subordinates, cbd drink If it is under do cbd gummies help with hangovers the command of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, etc, it is indeed possible.

He cbd spa near me ordered the Xiongnu Fudge in Huchuquan to go north, instead of the 11th Brigade, which went to Bei, and pretended to attack Daijun and Shanggu. Chunyu Qiong cbd oil kidney damage s sale pills gold bee cbd products crotch was dripping with bulk organic cbd full spectrum gummies green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons a peculiar smell, but he didn t care much.

Halfway cbd and melatonin gummies uk through a plate of fragrant dr oz cbd gummies honey-fried kumquat cakes, Daddy hasn t come to her yet.

on the fire, and then put it into the bottle, Seal the bottle, and drink it when it cools.

Not only is the stomach full, but it is also full of energy during the day, If cbd sleep gummies you are in a hurry, you can also mix the rose flower mud green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons with the light and smooth acacia nectar, stir and let it sit for more than half a day.

The old man, who was focusing on the huge equipment under the cbd shop in surprise az gummies cover, realized that Guo Jia had been waiting for a long time after half a column of incense.

Cao Ren had already controlled the commanding heights, but hemp gummies once the big forensic doctor fell, he had no intention of continuing to attack.

If a woman dislikes it, her grand way of handling it is – bring it back and don t give him food next time, Xiao Huangmen brought the reward and looked over his head, Apart from the many jewels and precious toys, there were also some green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons gadgets that were rarely seen in the palace.

What do the cbd oil gummies houston spies want to gummy edibles do? How can we save America? It was finally clear at this time.

Articulate and articulate, Jin Shang stood outside the crystal curtain with his hands behind his back, saluting, and did not lift the curtain.

In her previous life, she updated the series of videos of the 24 Solar Terms Food Special. If it wasn t for the marriage from the official family, I would never have thought of getting green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons married, nor would I want to enter cbd gummies the cbd gummies palace.

But I ll let people know right away that I m not plus peoducts cbd gummies review a Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons valiant man who only thinks about small favors and small favors, but a green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons general who has been given to new students by the boss.

However, Mr Zhang saw that he poured the steamed soup from the Eight Treasure Yuanzi back into the pot, took a part of it and poured it on the meatball, and added the remaining part to the broth and green vegetables and boiled it into a soup, so he knew best cbd gummies the meaning.

As the main force arrived green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons at Zhending in the southern part of Zhongshan, the Chinese medicine practitioners did not hesitate to throw away some of the auxiliary soldiers and most of the strong peasant women who traveled day and night to Xiazhai thirty miles east of the city, not full send gummies wanting to block the way to the south, No matter how fate makes green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons fun of them, at this moment, they are fighting green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons with all their strength without reservation.

Well, it s fresh but green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons best cbd oil tincture do cbd gold cbd gummies gummies lower heart rate not greasy, waxy but not rotten, a gentle warm current slowly soothes the hungry stomach, and even the body feels warm on the chilly autumn night.

Ah Qiao took the recipe and hesitated, Well, will the commander give this recipe to Lady Kwai? Even if the commander gives it, Lady Kwai may not use your recipe.

He originally thought that such a high evaluation came from Su Zhang s love for his daughter as a father, but gummies products now that he sees this, he seems to understand what the phrase getting cbd gummies out of the way means, I simply think that properly handled bitter gourd green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons is refreshing, healthy and delicious.

In fact, the Green Roads Cbd 250mg Oil Coupons white fish is narrow best cbd gummies for sex and flat, and most of cbd oil for mens health cbd gummies reviews the spines are thin and soft.

But for those who love martial arts novels since childhood, Gu Long s pungent Feng Siniang is really impressive, especially her sentence ride the fastest horse, climb the highest mountain, drink the gummies supplements strongest wine, eat the hottest food Dishes is simply a wise saying to greet people to come and eat spicy food – after all, she was not the only little girl who wore a flower bed sheet and a clothes hanger at home when she was a child, and pointed Jiangshan on the sofa and imagined that cbd oil she could travel the world cbd cream with a sword.

At least when the cool night wind blows, there is no longer the needle-like pain, The surrounding green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons depressions and lakes were connected, cbd cream And just choosing to detour south from Xushui in later generations instead of north, it will obviously be slightly blocked by this fertile wetland.

He was still the same daily choice hemp oil as when he first met at Langhuan Courtyard, without any lemonaid pharmacy cbd sleep gummies incense, only the warm and clean smell of saponin on his robes.

woman closed her eyes, enduring the constant acupuncture-like pain, He shook his head and said, No.

Chinese medicine is htc gummies overjoyed, and it is done in accordance with the general manager s method, She green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons ate one quickly, and the sweet taste sent instructions from the tip of her tongue to her brain, and the hunger in her belly was instantly soothed.

The street vendors are small businesses, they only sell some Lantern Festival food, and they shop pure cbd oil only eat some cbd gummies and tsa salted soy sauce, tadpole soup, Chengsha dumplings, silk rice, fried Qibao ginger drums, ten kinds cbd oil for sleep of candy, etc.

If one in 10,000 fails, she will be with you forever, Your mother has a tough temperament, and she couldn t bear to remarry someone else, so what should Chaoyang County do when social cbd gummies she was spoiled since she was a child.

Xia Houen stared arrogantly at Zhang Liao, who had no weapons, The latter s sword and cbd oil near me strong bow had already been unloaded during the counterattack marijuana cream for back pain in the quagmire, gummies and now there was only one wooden pole in hand, which was still cut off, Gummy was amused by the words, and stretched out her white fingers across the gauze green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons by colorado cbd organic coconut oil the window, Aheng, did you know that there is a monk named Chenghui in Xiangguo Temple.

and no results, The two fought for 30 more rounds, cbd oil bells palsy still no winner or loser.

Nanoemulsified Cbd Oil

She looked at Zhao Ruozuo who was stunned, took a deep breath, and asked, Zhao Xianggong, has anyone ever told you that you speak a little and pant gummies heavily.

A long day passed by, At night, a round of cbd oil for anxiety bright moon hangs high in the sky. A grand crown of pearls and emeralds was worn on her head, making her green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons eyebrows more slender and slender, with only a small gleaming white face.

If a woman dislikes it, mike pickers cbd gummies her grand way of handling it is – bring it back and gummies price don t give him food next time.

Ami, hide it, and I will calm him first, Although she is only seventeen years old, she is relatively calm.

The United States had no choice but to order that no matter what sale pills cbd oil near me happened to Zhang Liao, his family members would enjoy high treatment, Ju Shou and Feng Ji had royal cbd oil slightly different opinions, They cannabis gummies believed that green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons Duke Yuan was the most famous in this troubled world.

Everything is cbd versus hemp seed oil so beautiful and just right, but unfortunately this face does not belong to me.

It s a pity for my sister, Xu Xu said, Su Kui was angry and took a step back, Seeing gummies delicious that the palace servants around him showed no signs cbd side effects of fear at all, he was completely dazed by the spirit of the people in the Ning Palace who were not afraid of death, bit his lip and stared at Xu Mo, and left with a flick of his sleeves.

The other people who were forcibly dragged away will escape, but the ones sent by the Zhen family. If the downstream blockage is not dredged, the flood in Xiapi City can even reach the size of Luoma Lake in green roads cbd 250mg oil coupons Suqian in later generations.

Green Roads CBD Review & Coupon Code (2022 Update)

Green Roads is one of the largest and most well-known CBD brands in the United States. It’s also a direct manufacturer of CBD products, unlike many other companies that white-label its extracts.

According to business statistics, Green Roads is the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States. In 2018, the company closed its sales on 45 million dollars.

The reason why this brand has become so popular is that it’s dedicated to quality on top of offering a wide product range — including topicals, edibles, vapes, oils, coffee, and more.

However, Green Roads has been caught by the FDA on making unsupported health claims regarding the benefits of CBD. The Florida giant is also facing a class-action lawsuit for misrepresenting the amount of CBD in its products.

So, what’s the true face of this popular brand? Is it still a trustworthy manufacturer or has it rested on its laurels?

About Green Roads

Green Roads started out in 2012 when the founder and certified pharmacist Laura Baldwin Fuentes, found that CBD oil helped her friend who was suffering from opiate addiction. Since then, the two have started a company that changed the face of hemp-derived extracts by formulating pharmaceutical-grade products.

Today, the company has its products on the shelves of over 10,000 retail locations and is one of the largest privately-owned CBD companies in the US, as reported by Brightfield Research Group — owning around 6% of the total market share.

Green Roads is focused on quality and education; these two features are the cornerstone of its online activity.

Green Roads also helps veterans recover from PTSD. Being a sponsor of Mission Zero, the brand provides resources and education for veterans struggling with mental health problems.

Quality & Transparency

Green Roads uses Colorado-grown hemp, which is certified organic, non–GMO, and pesticide-free, which is confirmed by third-party lab reports. The certificates of analysis are updated and publicly available on the company’s website.

Warning Letters & Lawsuits

In 2017, Green Roads received a warning letter from the FDA due to using health claims that aren’t in compliance with the agency’s guidelines on marketing CBD products.

The company is also facing a class-action lawsuit for misrepresenting the amount of CBD and terpenes in its CBD oils. For example, some of the Green Roads CBD oils were found to contain less CBD than stated on the bottle, while its terpene-rich oil showed “ZERO” for every terpene tested.

The case was dismissed for lack of standing and the lawsuit was postponed until the FDA solves its complicated rules regarding the labeling and marketing of hemp-derived CBD products.

Customer Service

Green Roads has very friendly customer service. The staff is also knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions about CBD and their products. The company has a phone number and email for more immediate concerns. Usually, they provide answers within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied with your products, Green Roads will give you a full refund if you return them within 30 days.

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The prices at Green Roads start from as little as $2.99 to $149.99. On the whole, these products are priced on the higher end, but considering their pharmaceutical grade, the higher tag is justified.

Green Roads Product Range

Green Roads CBD Oil

Type of CBD Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 300 mg – 1500 mg
Flavors Original (Unflavored), Mint Breeze, Apple Kiwi Bliss,
Formulas Original, Mighty, Sweet Sleep

CBD oils are the obvious format for CBD products. Every popular CBD brand has tinctures and oils in their line-up — and Green Roads is no exception.

Green Roads boasts a broad selection of CBD oils, ranging from 25 mg all the way up to 1500 mg. They’re available in three formulas: Original, Mighty, and Sweet Sleep (with melatonin). The 25 mg options are known as Daily Dose and come in a 2 mL packet. The potencies starting from 300 mg are sold in traditional 30 mL bottles.

You can also choose between three flavor versions: Original (Unflavored), Mint Breeze, and Apple Kiwi Bliss.

Green Roads CBD Capsules & Softgels

Type of CBD Isolate
Strength 25 mg per capsule
Formulas Everyday Wellness, Relax, Sleep

If you’re looking for a broad selection of capsules, you may end up disappointed with Green Roads.

There’s only one strength variant with 25 mg of CBD per serving. The CBD comes from an isolate, so you’re not getting the entourage effect from other cannabinoids and terpenes. There are 30 capsules in the jar (750 mg total CBD).

The good thing about these capsules is that they’re infused with MCT oil, offering higher bioavailability.

There are three formulas available: Everyday Wellness, Relax (with GABA and 5-HTP), and Sleep (with Melatonin)

Green Roads Edibles & Drinks

Here’s where Green Roads shines. The company offers three categories of edibles: CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, and CBD coffee.

Green Roads CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 10 mg or 25 mg per gummy
Flavors Assortment of four flavors (Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Cherry, Green Apple)
Formulas Relax, Sleep, Immune Support

Green Roads has a large selection of CBD gummies for you to feast your eyes on. You can choose from gummy bears, fruit bites, and froggies — all available in low to low-moderate concentrations.

These gummies are suitable for both beginners and seasoned users alike, providing 10 mg or 25 mg of pure CBD depending on the selected option. They come in an assortment of four flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemon Cherry, and Green Apple.

Similar to the Green Roads Capsules, these gummies also come in three formulas: Relax, Sleep, and Immune Support — each infused with different supportive ingredients.

Green Roads CBD Chocolate
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 180 mg
Flavors Original, Candy Cane Crumble

Green Roads is one of the few companies that stock CBD chocolate. This form of CBD is great for edibles because it contains naturally-occurring fats — and cannabinoids are fat-soluble. The chocolate contains 180 mg of total CBD, translating into 15 mg per piece. You can choose between the Original flavor or Candy Cane Crumble.

Green Roads Coffee
Type of CBD Varies by batch
CBD Potency Varies by batch
Flavors Founder’s Blend, French Vanilla, Hazelnut

CBD coffee is becoming more and more commonplace in the CBD space, so it’s no wonder Green Roads decided to include this format in its line-up.

The company markets its product as “more than just your average coffee, with its delicate profile, sweet notes, and caramel, giving a rich, invigorating taste that is perfect for early morning and late nights.”

This slogan makes us wonder about the point of drinking coffee — even if it’s infused with CBD — at night. The dose of CBD is unknown and, as Green Roads explains, may vary throughout batches, so the CBD may actually enhance the stimulating effects of caffeine.

The coffee beans are sourced from Columbia, but there’s no information about their exact origin.

Green Roads CBD Topicals

Green Roads has two types of CBD topicals: cream and pain relief roll-on.

Green Roads Pain Relief Cream
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg – 750 mg

This cream is infused with broad-spectrum CBD and is available in the following concentrations: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 750 mg. The formulate includes menthol. Lavender oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, and rosemary oil enhance the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

Green Roads Pain Relief Roll-On
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg – 750 mg
Formulas Cool Relief, Heat Relief

Green Roads has two types of CBD roll-ons: Cool Relief and Heat Relief. These products are designed to help with dry, red, itchy, and inflamed skin. The first option is infused with menthol, while the other one features a cayenne pepper extract. Both versions are available in the same concentrations as the cream: 150 mg, 300 mg, and 750 mg.

Green Roads CBD for Pets

Type of CBD N/A
CBD Potency 60 mg, 210 mg, 600 mg
Formulas Small Dogs & Cats, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs

Green Roads has formulated its CBD Pet Oils for two types of animals: dogs and cats.

These oils are available in three different versions based on the pet’s weight:

Each bottle is 30 mL. Unfortunately, there aren’t any flavored oils for dogs who dislike the natural flavor of CBD oil.

Green Roads CBD Spa Collection

The SPA collection includes two types of products: CBD bath bombs and CBD essential roll-on. These are low-potency CBD products that are better suited for a spa & wellness routine rather than specific health needs.

Green Roads CBD Bath Bombs
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 100 – 150 mg
Formulas Peace, Relax, Unwind

The Green Roads CBD bath bombs contain 100 or 150 mg of CBD depending on the selected option. If you buy them in 2-packs, each bomb has 100 mg of pure CBD, while single bombs are a little bit more potent.

There are three formulas to choose from, each infused with different ingredients to add unique scents and health benefits for the user:

  • Unwind – CBD with ylang-ylang oil
  • Relax – CBD with eucalyptus and lavender
  • Peace – CBD with lavender
Green Roads CBD Essential Roll-On
Type of CBD Isolate
CBD Potency 50 mg
Formulas Peace, Refresh, Relax

If you don’t have the time to soak in a CBD bath, the Green Roads CBD essential roll-on offers a more convenient and hassle-free way of easing localized discomfort. It’s available in the same formulas as the bombs, but it contains less CBD, only 50 mg per container.

Pros & Cons of Green Roads

As mentioned earlier in our review of Green Roads, the company has a lot to offer for its customers, from high-quality products to a diverse range of formats and great customer service. However, its reputation isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Here are the pros and cons of Green Roads.

The Pros

Innovative Products

Green Roads stocks more than just traditional CBD formats. On top of some obvious products like CBD oils, capsules, and topicals, the company has a rich line of edibles, such as chocolate, coffee, and different formulas of CBD gummies. It also offers beauty products, such as bath bombs and roll-ons infused with essential oils.

Updated 3rd-Party Lab Reports

Green Roads is a transparent brand that not only describes every step of its production process but also shares updated third-party lab reports on its website. The certificates of analysis are batch-specific and include a complete profile of results, including CBD potency, phytochemical profile, and contaminants.

Customer-Friendly Return Policies

Green Roads offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products, which is a good sign because it means the company is confident about the quality of its goods.

The Cons

Limited CBD Strength Range

Although you have a lot of choices with Green Roads when it comes to formats, the range of potencies is modest, to say the least. While many companies offer CBD oils with up to 3000 or 5000 mg total CBD, the best you can get with Green Roads is 1500 mg.

Taste of CBD Oils

The Green Roads CBD oils are suspended in vegetable glycerin, which doesn’t give it a nice flavor. It’s not horrible, but you may find better-tasting products on the market today.

Conflicting Reviews on Third-Party Websites

The biggest problem with evaluating a brand’s credibility is that the reviews on its website may stay in contrast with the reviews posted on third-party services. This seems to be the case with Green Roads. Although the company boasts over 30,000 5-star reviews, some websites like give it a suspiciously low rank (2.7 stars). The reviewers mainly complain about the lack of effectiveness of the company’s CBD oils and topicals.

No Expected Delivery Date

Green Roads ships to all 50 states, but there’s no way to check how long it will take to deliver the package to your doors. So, if you know you’ll need to restock on a certain date, make sure to plan your shopping ahead.

Alternative Options to Green Roads

1. Royal CBD

  • Organic, US-grown hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Broad product range
  • High-strength options are available
  • Well-designed formulas
  • Flavored with natural ingredients
  • Complete third-party testing profile
  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee
  • A little bit more expensive than the market’s average (but still worth the price)
  • Not available locally

Royal CBD is a Nevada-based brand specializing in high-quality CBD products from organic hemp. The company was started when the owner got fed up with overpaying for mediocre and mislabeled products. Since the launch, Royal CBD has grown to an impressive size, offering a wide range of CBD formats, such as oils, capsules, gummies, honey sticks, topicals, and pet products.

The company sources its hemp from Colorado farms and uses CO2 for extraction, which is the golden standard in the industry. Royal CBD products are triple-tested in a third-party laboratory, from seeds to final products. The lab reports include a complete analysis of the CBD potency, cannabinoid profile, terpenes, and purity.

Royal CBD Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 250 – 2500 mg
Flavors Unflavored, Berry, Mint, Vanilla

The Royal CBD oil is available in four concentrations, starting at 250 mg up to 2500 mg of total CBD. The strongest option packs 83.3 mg of full-spectrum CBD in every milliliter, but it’s only available in an unflavored version. The potencies up to 1000 mg come in three flavored variants: Berry, Mint, and Vanilla. These are great products for both beginners and seasoned consumers to reduce chronic pain and other conditions.

Royal CBD also offers bulk orders on its oils, where you can save even $239 on a single transaction.

Royal CBD Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

These premium quality CBD softgel capsules are a great alternative to oils because they don’t have any odor or flavor — plus, there’s no risk of leakage when you’re traveling with them. Each capsule contains 25 mg of the same full-spectrum extract suspended in MCT oil and covered in a vegan softgel shell.

Royal CBD Edibles

Royal CBD offers two categories of edibles: CBD gummies and honey sticks.

Royal CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per gummy)
Flavors Assortment of flavors (Orange, Grape, Strawberry)
Formulas Sweet Dots, Sour Drops

These gummies contain a broad-spectrum extract, so you’re getting all minor cannabinoids and terpenes, but without traces of THC. Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD, available as Sweet Dots or Sour Drops. Both versions come in an assortment of three flavors: Orange, Grape, and Strawberry. The formula is vegan and gluten-free, so you can eat them even if you have gluten allergies or don’t eat animal-derived products for ethical reasons.

Royal CBD Honey Sticks
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per stick
Flavors Natural (Honey)
Size 30 sticks

This one is a true phytonutrient powerhouse, combining a full-spectrum CBD extract with organic raw honey. Not only is it full of antioxidants and vitamins, but it also makes for a guilt-free snack that you can suck directly from a straw or add to your favorite beverages. There are 30 sticks in a jar, with 10 mg of CBD per stick.

Royal CBD Topicals
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
Product Types Calming Salve, Cooling Roll-on Gel
CBD Potency 500 mg

Royal CBD offers two types of CBD topicals: a calming salve and pain-freeze roll-on gel. Both products are infused with 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, providing relief from localized discomfort caused by redness, itching, and inflammation.

The cream features a blend of essential oils from fruits and seeds, as well as organic plant butter — ensuring better absorption of the active ingredients. The formula is also infused with organic menthol crystals, adding a cooling sensation and bolstering the analgesic effects of CBD.

The roll-on gel also contains menthol, but it occurs as an extract, not as crystals. This product is also easier to apply and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on the skin, unlike the cream. Therefore, we recommend it if you’re traveling or enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking or biking.

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Royal CBD for Pets

Dogs and cats have similar endocannabinoid systems to humans. They can reap the same benefits from CBD products as we do, so it’s no wonder why Royal CBD has decided to expand its collection with a line of pet-dedicated CBD products.

Royal CBD Pet Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 250 mg – 500 mg
Flavors Bacon

The Royal CBD pet oil is available in two strengths: 250 mg and 500 mg. Both variants are appropriate for dogs and cats, although they will work better if your feline belongs to large breeds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat or Mein Coon. Otherwise, they might be difficult to dose.

If your pet dislikes the taste of full-spectrum CBD, Royal CBD came up with bacon-flavored CBD oil to help your buddy change its mind in the blink of an eye.

Royal CBD Dog Treats
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 150 mg (5 mg per treat)
Formulas Active, Calming, Hearty

You can choose from three formulas of Royal CBD dog treats. Each version is designed to address different health needs of dogs:

  • Active: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, Turmeric, Boswellia
  • Calming: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, L-theanine, Chamomile
  • Hearty: CBD, Hemp Seed Powder, Blueberries, Flaxseed

Each treat contains 5 mg of CBD, with 30 treats in the bag.

2. Gold Bee

  • Organic hemp from California
  • CO2 extraction
  • Infused with superfoods
  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD
  • Up to 2500 mg of total CBD
  • Flavored with natural ingredients
  • Pet products
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited potency options
  • No isolate-based products

Gold Bee is a true maverick on the CBD scene. Once focused on making superfoods, such as organic honey from the Brazilian rainforest and extra virgin coconut oil, the brand has carried its philosophy over to CBD extracts. Gold Bee mostly makes full-spectrum products, although there are some broad-spectrum formats in its collection too.

Each product is carefully tested for quality and safety in an ISO-certified laboratory.

Gold Bee CBD Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 1200 mg – 2400 mg
Flavors Unflavored, Kiwi, Lychee

The Gold Bee CBD oil is available in two strengths: 1200 mg and 2400 mg. Both versions feature a full-spectrum extract that is sweetened with organic honey. You can choose from two flavored versions aside from the original formula: Kiwi and Lychee.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any low-strength oils for beginners or lightweight users. They work better with people who have higher dosage requirements or use CBD to address a serious condition.

Gold Bee CBD Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 1200 mg (40 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

These capsules reflect the overall potency of the 1200 mg CBD oil. A single serving (1 capsule) contains 40 mg of full-spectrum CBD that has been suspended in MCT oil from coconut. The capsules are vegan and wheat-free.

Gold Bee CBD Edibles

Similar to Royal CBD, Gold Bee also offers two categories of edibles: gummies and honey sticks.

Gold Bee CBD Gummies
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum CBD
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per gummy)
Flavors Assortment of 3 flavors (Grape, Berry, Apple)

The Gold Bee CBD gummies are formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, packing 25 mg per gummy. They are made with top-shelf organic ingredients, such as organic cane sugar, fruit pectin, fruit juices, and colorings from dried concentrated fruit. You can buy them in a mix of three flavors: Grape, Berry, and Apple. However, there are no sour variants.

Gold Bee CBD Honey Sticks
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per stick
Size 10 or 60 sticks

These honey sticks combine the former specialties of Gold Bee with its current apple in the eye. The base is made with organic raw honey and enriched with 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per stick. You can buy them in packets of 10 or 60 sticks; they’re among Gold Bee’s best-selling products.

Gold Bee CBD Roll-On
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 2000 mg
Formula Infused with a menthol extract

Gold Bee offers one of the strongest CBD topicals we’ve seen on the market. With 2000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD per container, this product is strong enough to help people with severe aches and pains, as well as with many localized problems, such as skin irritation, inflammation, dryness, tension, or itching.

The formula is enriched with organic menthol that boosts the pain-killing effects of CBD. According to customer reviews, people mostly use this CBD topical product to relieve pain and soreness from intense workouts, ease muscle strains, and reduce joint inflammation.

Gold Bee CBD for Pets

There are two types of pet products in Gold Bee’s collection: CBD oil and CBD Goofy Bones. Both formats are designed to fit with dogs of different sizes.

Gold Bee CBD Pet Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 600 mg
Flavor Peanut Butter

This CBD pet oil contains 600 mg of full-spectrum CBD, so it’s better suited for medium-sized and large dogs. On top of a potent dose per serving (20 mg/mL), this product comes with other cannabinoids and terpenes, contributing to the entourage effect. And if your dog turns its nose away from unflavored full-spectrum oils, this peanut butter-flavored extract can be a game-changer.

Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones
Type of CBD Broad Spectrum
CBD Potency 10 mg per treat
Flavor Peanut Butter & Apple

If your dog isn’t keen on taking earthy-tasting drops under the tongue, these CBD-infused dog treats are a good alternative. They have been formulated with l-theanine, hemp seed powder, and chamomile to improve stress responses and reduce anxiety in dogs. Each treat contains 10 mg of CBD, and unlike commercial treats, it contains only high-quality ingredients, such as rice flour, coconut oil, molasses, peanut butter, and applesauce.

3. CBDPure

  • Organic hemp from Colorado
  • Full-spectrum products
  • Well-thought-out formulations
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee
  • One of the pioneer brands in the USA
  • Narrow product range
  • No edibles
  • Lack of flavored products
  • Premium pricing

CBDPure has almost 10 years of experience in making full-spectrum CBD products. Contrary to most veteran companies on the market, this brand likes to keep things simple, offering only traditional forms of CBD, such as oils, capsules, and creams. Despite a modest product range, these formulas are mastered to perfection.

CBDPure is also one of the most transparent brands in the USA. It provides an informative section about the manufacturing process and posts updated third-party lab reports for every product.

And even if you end up unsatisfied with CBDPure’s products, you can send the package back within 90 days and get a full refund.

CBDPure Oil
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 300 mg, 600 mg, 1000 mg
Flavors Unflavored

This full-spectrum extract is available in three concentrations: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg. You can benefit from this potency range if your daily dose doesn’t exceed 30 mg of CBD. As a whole-plant product, it leverages the entourage effect by combining the synergistic effects of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Unfortunately, it also has an earthy-nutty taste — with no flavored options in the store.

CBDPure Capsules
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 750 mg (25 mg per capsule)
Size 30 capsules

CBDPure’s capsules are good if you want to maintain the same quality of CBD but without the distinct smell and taste of the oil. Each capsule comes with 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD suspended in hemp seed oil and enclosed in a vegan softgel shell.

CBDPure Cream
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 500 mg
Formula Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

The cream, also known as the Muscle & Joint Formula, offers 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD infused with menthol for an extra cooling touch and enhanced pain killing effects. Unlike many creams on the market, it has a non-greasy texture and quickly gets absorbed into the skin — providing fast-acting relief from localized problems.

CBDPure for Pets
Type of CBD Full Spectrum
CBD Potency 100 mg
Flavors Unflavored

A few years ago, the 100 mg full-spectrum CBD oil belonged to the category of human products. However, CBDPure has recently created a separate category — CBD for pets — making the low-potency oil its staple product.

At 100 mg of CBD per bottle, this CBD oil is appropriate for cats and dogs of different sizes; that is, of course, if they have nothing against the natural flavor of hemp. Unlike Royal CBD and Gold Bee, CBDPure doesn’t make flavored versions of its supplements.

Final Verdict On Green Roads CBD: Does The Scale Match The Quality?

Green Roads is one of the most popular sources of CBD products on the internet. The company works hard to provide product variety, education, and transparency.

Be prepared to pay a little more for the same amount of CBD than with other brands because Green Roads sells pharmaceutical-grade extracts. While many people are okay with these prices, there are brands that offer a similar variety of products for less.

Moreover, Green Road CBD’s reputation has been undermined recently; this includes both the warning letters from the FDA and the class-action lawsuit the company is facing for selling mislabeled products.

For alternative choices to Green Roads, check out the products offered by Royal CBD, Gold Bee, and CBDPure.

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Green Roads: Outstanding Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Products

This article may contain links to some of our affiliate partners. These are brands we trust and brands we feel represent the highest quality standards. When clicking links, we may earn commissions to help support our site. Learn more by reading our full disclaimer.

Green Roads is a pharmacist-founded market-leading CBD company headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The brand has received considerable media coverage over the years and has featured on prominent outlets like NBC and CBS, and in publications such as Forbes, and Cosmopolitan, to name just a few. According to market research experts, the Brightfield Group, as of 2021, Green Roads was the largest privately-owned CBD company in the United States. In June 2021, Green Roads was acquired by The Valens Company for $40m, and that figure could rise by a further $20m if the company meets certain targets. Read on to find out more about Green Roads and its fantastic range of pharmacist-formulated CBD products in our comprehensive Green Roads brand review.

  • Exceptionally high-quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD products available in a selection of different potencies
  • Generous discount program rewarding active military personnel and veterans, first responders, and teachers
  • Significant savings are available to regular CBD users who sign up for Green Roads’ subscription service
  • Comprehensive Certificates of Analysis available for each product batch on the Green Roads website
  • Limited range of nootropics products but will likely expand over time
  • Unlike some other leading brands, Green Roads does not offer Delta 8, THC-O, or HHC products

Who Is Green Roads?

Green Roads CEO Laura Fuentes worked as a licensed compounding pharmacist for 25 years before co-founding this award-winning CBD company in 2013. The idea of starting Green Roads came after a close friend named Arby Barrosa asked Laura to formulate a CBD-based remedy for his own personal health issues.

Initially, Laura worked on her formulations on evenings and weekends. Eventually, Laura came up with a CBD-based formulation that worked so well for Arby that together they decided to co-found the Green Roads company to help improve the lives of others.

At the time of Green Roads foundation, the CBD industry was very different than it is today. It was a new industry, fraught with many obstacles and challenges, from intense scrutiny by the FDA and the DEA, banks that wouldn’t take their business, and shippers who wouldn’t handle their products. However, the pair persisted, emboldened by the positive impact Green Roads products were having on their friends and families.

That persistence paid off, and Green Roads is now an industry-leading CBD company, with its products being sold in more than 7000 retail stores. Over the years, Green Roads has continued to grow to the point that it has a team of pharmacists formulating CBD-based products for consumers. Two other prominent members of the Green Roads team are Anthony Alfonso, a pharmacist and Head of Manufacturing, and his daughter, Megan Alfonso, who works as a pharmacist for the company.

In recent years, Green Roads has won multiple awards, including the Best CBD Products prize at the Cannabis Business Awards in 2018 and 2019. Also, at the 2019 Cannabis Business Awards, Green Roads won the Most Innovative Product award for its Green Roads coffee.

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