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floyd’s of leadville cbd hemp oil review

**Note from ” Floyd’s of Leadville ” – Please note that while all of our Full Spectrum products contain less than .3% hemp-derived THC, this larger 100mg extra-strength capsule could possibly produce a positive THC test result.

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil Daily Supplement tincture uses the best anti-inflammatory strains that takes the edge off the pain and delivers an advantage over the competition. As you can expect from a Floyd’s of Leadville product there’s no preservatives or additives – just natural CBD hemp oil. Of course all our hemp is non-GMO so you get all of the goodness with none of the pesticides.

“The Floyd’s of Leadville Tinctures Full Spectrum CBD products provide – in addition to the active plant CBD compound – a synergic effect that supplements and enhances the benefits of CBD for extra strength. The enhanced benefit has been widely recognized and has its own name – the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect synergistically combines the benefits of other terpenes to maximize their potential. The process involved for the Full Spectrum products results in a trace amount of THC.”


Per Floyd’s of Leadville’s recommendations and ours each person will metabolize and react differently to CBD. We recommend starting with a lower dose, and increasing as necessary. Our tinctures can be a great place to start for more precise dosing. Consult your physician regarding dosage.

Floyd’s of Leadville Full Spectrum Cooling CBD Balm gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff because it tests very accurately to the label claim! It is definitely a full-spectrum product (only cannabinoid missing from this CBD balm is CBN), and contains over 133 mg (like the label claim).

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD sells several different CBD products for humans, as well as an alternate brand, Odessa’s CBD for pets. Floyd’s CBD sells CBD softgels, CBD tinctures, CBD creams & balms, CBD drinks & tonics, as well as CBD candy: Floyd’s CBD Gems.

This CBD pet cream from Floyd’s of Leadville’s brand Odessa’s gets an acceptable rating from our expert review staff. It does test very accurately to the label claim for CBD content (just 6 mg under), but it appears to be an isolate product, which means there are no cannabinoids other than CBD in this cream. It does have a unique dispensing/application method, which is nice.

Overall Quality

I am pretty much a novice when it comes to the whole CBD scene. It’s not because I’m against it at all – I just haven’t really done much delving into it. This is mostly due to “fear of the unknown”, but I guess there’s only way to bridge that gap. I recently hurt my back in a stupid weightlifting move, and I became wholly cognizant of just how many painkillers I was taking. That got me thinking back in my history and how many pills I took to remedy an aching arm or shoulder while playing baseball in high school and college. I didn’t think much of it then, but it has started to dawn on me that using opioids to battle pain is something that is just “comfortable” and maybe not really the ideal option when it comes to pain relief and recovery. It’s certainly not the only way at least. I mean, these pills, designed to be helpful, are part of the reason why there is an estimated 2 million people dealing with opioid abuse in the US.

It was my mom from Utah who actually started me on the path of wanting to try some CBD items out. She has had a lot of knee pain over the past few years, and on a previous vacation to Oregon, she stopped into a local store and picked up some topical CBD balm that she says was life changing for her. She still needs knee surgery, but she claims that the day to day pain is extremely diminished when she uses the cream.

More about Floyd’s:

Over time, I do think this has actually had some effect with consistent use. I don’t feel like my muscles are sore as long, and I have actually felt that I’m falling asleep faster than before (I have had issues with this from time to time. Make sure you consider consulting with your doctor if you are worried, but I think this may be a better option than pill-popping all the time.

Though my knowledge is limited, I was aware that this was a daily liquid supplement that “uses the best anti-inflammatory strains that takes the edge off the pain and delivers an advantage over the competition”. Initially, I had big expectations. Expectations such as that my lingering leg soreness from lifting would disappear overnight. Even after a few days, I was feeling worried that I was just telling my wife that “I don’t really feel anything.” Maybe it’s because CBD and marijuana are quasi-related that I expected an immediate boost, or the fact that my mom felt an immediate response, but I realize that was now a silly thought. I mean, if this is truly designed to be a daily supplement, why would I expect any different effect that others? I mean, it’s not like a Flintstones vitamin made me be able to run faster as a kid or anything, or that a Centrum is going to make me PR on my max bench press. Instead, I feel this should be a natural (no preservatives or additives – just natural CBD non-GMO hemp oil) response to body rest and recovery.