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finest argan cbd oil

Made of 100% certified organic Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extracted Cannabidiol- CBD resin (Cannabis Sativa L.) CO2 extraction also preserves all other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, anti-oxidants and nutrients. The Hemp plants used for extraction are carefully selected, grown organically and hand harvested in the sub alpine region of Slovenia. Our products has been tested and analyzed for both cannabinoid ratio/volume and microbiological adequacy. It doesn’t contain toxins, heavy metals, parabens,GMO’S,pesticides,herbicides,fungicides or other Toxins Free of any artificial dyes, scents.

“These products are serious, high quality! With so many cheap products out there, it is refreshing to find products of this caliber that are also environmentally friendly and organic. I have enjoyed a variety of skincare from them, like their Rose Toner, the Liquid Gold argan oil, and my favorite the Argan Mood Booster!”

Essential fatty acids omega 3,6,9.

All 20 protein-rich amino acids.

Emma Dg

“The flower of the flowers literally changed my life . after riding my motorcycle, my hair is usually extremely tangled , this oil helps me brush my hair so easily! i love it! also my face and hands love it too! Aaand hands down for the bath soak love the mixed with salt! it gives a unique touch!”

“I use beauty legacy products and I’m very satisfied with their high quality. The argan oil is absolutely amazing, It immediately leaves my skin so smooth and supple and it’s a great alternative to heavy moisturizers It’s non greasy and easily absorbed. Love the smell. I really recommend”

Antioxidants and vitamin E

“I have been using the Beauty Legacy face bar and exfoliant with the toner and Moroccan oil and my skin went from irritated and dry to clear and soft. I cannot believe how amazing this is!! And it smells so good too! Thank you Beauty Legacy for this amazing system that has given me more confidence in my skin!”

CBD 10% – 1000mg cbd oil in 10ML bottle
Our CBD supports overall vitality and well-being, with the goal of restoring balance in the body. It works to manage stress, soothe bodily discomfort, and maintain mental focus and mood.

Have you ever been startled by the high prices of Premium CBD oil? No longer! konope brings you premium high-quality third-party tested CBD products for prices that are drastically lower than the market average.

All our CBD products are third-party tested by HanfAnalytik lab in Vienna, see the link below for the full Certificate Of Analysis (COA) of our latest batch. This ensures that you always get the best quality products when you buy our konope co products. If you would like to receive the certificate of your specific product then please email us the batch number.

COLOUR The CBD oil can vary from batch to batch. konope co products do not use additives or colouring to standardize the colour of our products. Our CBD oils are all-natural.

STRENGTH CBD: 1000mg / 5 mg per drop | THC: 0.00%

STORAGE Keep the product in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.