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dog treats with cbd oil

HonestPaws offers organic full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD to keep your dog feeling healthy. Their treats are not only filled with high-quality ingredients, but they are available in both crunchy and chewy varieties, depending on your pup’s preference. The chewy option is especially helpful for senior dogs who may have trouble with a crunchy texture.

HolistaPet’s products are made with 100% all-natural ingredients that include 3 unique formulas that will keep your pet craving for more. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from for those pickier dogs who are not as food driven. Holista operates with a mission to end the imbalances caused by modern-day meds and return pets to a stable, balanced equilibrium that comes effortlessly when your pet’s body is naturally healthy. Founded by a team of health-conscious aficionados, they combined their experience to produce some of the highest-grade CBD products available for pets.

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These peanut butter flavored chews promote relaxation and help your over excited pup enjoy calm evenings with you. Overactive nerves are quelled, and mood is regulated, plus they’re soft and chewy for dogs who need a gentle texture.



● CBD edibles, like hard treats or soft chewies

Though there aren’t a large number of studies that have looked at CBD’s effects on dogs, the research we do have is quite promising. Most studies have been conducted on rats and humans, but a few studies have shown that CBD can be safely administered in dogs . Another study found that the canine digestive system is able to trigger a positive response in their endocannabinoid system.

Risk of adverse interaction with certain medications. When ingested, CBD interacts with several liver enzymes, specifically CYP450. There is a chance that CBD dog treats may hinder the efficacy of certain medications that your dog may be taking. This is because medications rely on the same liver enzymes to be metabolized and brought into the bloodstream. To minimize this risk, keep CBD doses low and consult with your veterinarian.

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While there is still much to learn about CBD and its therapeutic effects on the body, studies that have been conducted have had nothing but positive incomes. From these studies we know that CBD may be beneficial in reducing stress, pain, inflammation, and may even help us to get better sleep at night.

Calm Soft Chews: Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, L-Theanine, and Tryptophan

● 50mg in all (25 treats/packet)