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1000mg total cannabinoids High in Cannabidiol (CBD) Mint flavored 30ml tincture Ingredients: hemp extract, grape seed oil, natural essence Enjoy Cured Nutritions 1000mg CBD Oil tincture. Made with Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil. Add to your daily routine to help support your body and mind.* Organic Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free No preservatives Lab Tested Packaged in GMP certified building Recommended daily dosage 1 to 2 servings taken sublingually. Can also be mixed with favorite tea/drink. 1.0 oz (30ml) dropper bottle 0.5ml (half dropper) = 16.7mg = 1 serving Contains naturally present terpenes 60 servings per bottle 16.7mg total cannabinoids per serving 2 year shelf life Helps maintain a balance of general health and wellness. For first time users, take 1 full dropper before bed to evaluate reaction. Everyone’s biochemistry is different. If needed, up your dose until you reach the desired goals.* The organic industrial hemp used to create this product was grown and processed in Colorado. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About this product

The controversy surrounding marijuana comes from the fact that it contains THC, known to produce psychotropic effects.

Ever since the herbal supplement boom in the US, a $49 billion-a-year industry in motion since 2010, CBD sales have increased exponentially. Combine this with a surge in anxiety levels across America and you have a thriving industry. As such, many are critical as to the benefits of CBD, especially given the lack of clinical evidence and the glorified language surrounding it.

Does CBD come from the marijuana plant?

While a plethora of online testimonies claim that CBD tinctures and topical creams have been beneficial to their health, easing aches and pains and calming nerves, the jury is still out. In-depth research and tests have not been sufficiently carried out to reach a reliable conclusion as of yet, due to the disputed legal status of the oil in different countries.

CBD is known for its healing properties, having entered the mainstream of late as a proposed panacea to pain for various ailments like arthritis, diabetes and nausea caused by chemotherapy. This is partly due to pre-clinical trials suggesting the oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, although the vast amount of research has only been conducted so far on animals due to CBD’s contested legal status.

“There are over a quarter of a million people using CBD products in the UK right now. We know from more developed markets in US and Canada that people are typically using CBD to help with pain, anxiety and insomnia.” He references the brand’s “EASE, CALM and REST ranges, which combine CBD with other botanical ingredients that are well known to help in these areas.”