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ciitech cbd oil

The 600mgs is £39.99 which is a fairly average price for the strength- you could compare this to Hempen who charge £45 and the Loveburgh 600mgs which is priced at £35.99. Compared to the other two, which use Hemp Oils, Provacan has opted to use Olea Europaea, which is a fancy name for olive oil. This is typical for the classic European CBD oils and means that their CBD oils will be packed full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

All- round, we thought they were great ?

Honestly, we quite enjoyed the oils. The usual gripe with CBD is that the products taste worse than licking the bottom of a shoe- which is sometimes true. These oils are not the best tasting ever but that could be to do with the fact they are produced with Olive Oil. All of the olive oil CBD oils we have tried are always a little nastier than hemp- maybe its just the fact that the flavours clash.

Our Honest review

If you are looking for ‘full-spectrum’ get their paste. From what it looks like, their paste will be awesome.

Provacan offers a huge range of products (including CBD paste & some CBD Cosmetics) but we would like to focus on the oil. Oils are usually where most people start and for those looking for a more general benefit to their well-being. They have a strength range from 300mgs up to 2400mgs – we shall focus on the middle ground of 600mgs.

Before even thinking about buying Provacan CBD, you should check out our list of what we believe to be the best CBD Oil brands in the UK right now)!

If Provacan are not one of the biggest CBD companies in the UK, they are pretty close. Their marketing efforts have seen them explode in the past year or so (which is why you find them everywhere & featured on top tens across the board). This is absolutely down to the fact that they are backed by a network of international multi-million [insert currency here] pharmaceutical/biotech giants.

Provacan offers a range of CBD products, with the oils, capsules and balms continually remaining as the top selling products.

Aimed at sports enthusiasts, the IMPACT brand provides a selection of CBD sports supplements. The range includes the 300mg CBD Power Balm, which provides a cooling sensation all over the body. This all-natural CBD topical contains a rich blend of coconut oil, white beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils, and menthol crystals.

Within the Provacan brand there is also a Provacan Gold series which features a range of CBD products with what is considered 0% THC (<1mg/product), including oils, gummies and balms.


The selection of Provacan CBD oils ranges from 300mg CBD oil to 2400mg. By using supercritical CO2 extraction methods, to extract the CBD from the hemp plant, all heavy metals and contaminants are eliminated from the end product, which is further validated via third party lab testing on each and every batch of CBD.

CiiTECH believes in delivering high-quality products that bring a whole host of benefits. The company is considered a leading cannabis healthcare company invested in cannabis research and med-tech partnerships and invests considerable resources into advancing the industry.

CiiTECH was established by CEO Clifton Flack after a 25 year marketing career which included significant experience in fast-moving consumer goods.

CiiTECH has created science-led brands that utilise deep sector knowledge together with real consumer needs. This is how Provacan was established in 2017, bringing expertly formulated products to UK consumers.

Through partnerships with universities and researchers, CiiTECH is able to leverage the latest cannabis technology, research and know-how to guide their product development, creating products that address real consumer needs.

This deep sector knowledge, combined with an insight-led approach, allows CiiTECH to continually innovate and develop the newest and most effective CBD products for our brand customers.

CiiTECH is a Cannabis Research company with a house of brands with a proven track record of creating a wide range of high-quality CBD products.

The mission of CiiTECH is to remain at the forefront of cannabinoid research to unravel, study and report on cannabinoids and to develop the best CBD products available to UK and Worldwide customers.

IMPACT is a CiiTECH brand but who exactly is CiiTECH and what does it mean for IMPACT sports CBD?

Through our relationship with CiiTECH we are able to offer our IMPACT customers a range of cutting edge CBD sports supplements.