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cbd terps oil

CBD Terpene Oil, also known as Terps Oil, consists of a CBD-rich hemp oil that comes from the buds of the non-psychoactive hemp plant. In addition to cannabidiol, a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other useful ingredients are present in the oil. Some researchers also associate this full spectrum of components with the so-called entourage effect. The entourage effect would mean that the cannabinoids present, such as CBD, CBG and CBC, cooperate with other useful ingredients, such as terpenes (terps). This would complement each other, creating certain properties with a specific effect. Please note that the existence of the entourage effect has not yet been demonstrated.

CBD oil with 100% natural terpenes

CBD Terps Oil is a completely new, exclusive line of CBD oil that can be applied using 100% natural and fully organic terpenes. These terpenes complement the natural terpene profile of the hemp plant.
The intention is to experiment with the Terps Oil yourself and discover whether this oil works better for you than regular CBD oil. After all, it is not about medicines or vitamins.

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The CBD Terps Oil Sativa 5% is the counterpart of the Indica-variety. For instance the CBD Terps Oil Sativa gives a energetic and joyful feeling. The difference between the two types is caused by a differing profile of terpenes. Some researchers refer to the supposed unique interaction in the Sativa-oil as the entourage effect. Altough very promising, the entourage effect still has to be proven trough clinical trials.

The CBD Terps Oil Sativa is a high quality CBD-oil suitable as supplement to your own weed, or to take on its own. For that typical extra energy and an upbeat feeling of Sativa weed strains. CBD Terps Oil Sativa is made up of a precise composition of a CBD-rich extract with cannabidiol, supplemented with a terpene profile based on Sativa weed plant strains.

Characteristics of the Sativa weed plant

In this oil only terpenes are isolated and not THC. This ensures that CBD Terps Oil Sativa has no psychoactive effect and no high or stoned sensation can be experienced. This high-quality oil therefore very well lends itself for use during the daytime.

The CBD Terps Oil Detox by Cibiday helps with the detoxification process of the body. Harmful and undesirable substances are drained away making the body heal faster. Detoxification often is accompanied by a feeling of being ‘reborn’ and our CBD Terps Oil Detox can offer a major support with this.

The body possesses a regenerative capability. Waste products and toxins are automatically removed from the body. Yet this natural process can sometimes use a little helping hand. CBD Terps Oil Detox offers support with the detoxification of the body in a natural manner. In the unique composition of the oil high-quality, a 100% natural and organic terpenes are used.

CBD Terps Oil Detox from Cibiday, with 5% CBD and a 3% mix of terpenes