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cbd paste vs oil

CBD Paste is what is used to make any full-spectrum Cannabidiol products. That is because it is essentially just the raw extract from CBD rich hemp plants. It will typically have a gooey or paste-like texture and will be rich with the great nutritional compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants like cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phytocannabinoids and of course, CBD.

If you don’t like the taste you can also try incorporating it into something which you want to either eat or take such as a daily supplement, a meal, or a drink of your choice to try and disguise the taste.

How is CBD Paste Made?

The third and final difference between the two is the way one uses each product respectively. Many people find that CBD Oil is easy to take and easy to measure out, but will find CBD Paste to be a bit more difficult to work with due to the density of it.

Another great way to use CBD Paste is by adding it into products like lotions, moisturisers, skin products, salves, balms, etc., to take it topically. CBD Paste will mix well with any oil based products with a similar consistency or viscosity.

To know how much to take can vary depending on the strength of the paste you have purchased, but most companies will also give dosage instructions on the package. It is always best to start with a very small amount see how it affects you then gradually increase until you have reached a dose you feel comfortable with.

Compared to oils, cannabinoid pastes contain a much wider range of cannabinoids, including the raw acid form of CBD called CBDa. CBD or cannabinoid pastes (down to the content of other health beneficial cannabinoids) tend to be much more potent and a little goes a long way– this is down to the entourage effect. Many customers find that the paste is much more cost-effective and lasts a lot longer as less works just as well as twice the amount of oil.

Well, you can be the judge of this! It is really which product you prefer and which you find easiest to take. The paste is a raw, effective pure product but comes with a very acquired taste – an oil is easy to take, can come in a variety of different forms and has versatility.

It may not be for the faint hearted, but it is for those who are serious about the benefits of hemp.

Cannabinoid Extracts & Pastes

So, as simple as it gets: a CBD oil is made by infusing the Cannabinoid compounds with a carrier oil (like Hemp Seed, Coconut/ MCT or Olive Oil). This can be done by adding an isolated form of CBD, a THC free broad or full-spectrum distillate, concentrate or even the paste. For whatever reason, CBD oil seems to be the most popular CBD product in the UK and is usually the gateway that people use to start their CBD journey.

We would wager that most of the oils in the UK market only utilise CBD as a cannabinoid, and the other waxes, terpenes and natural amino-acids are taken out of the formula (usually golden or clear oils).

A CBD paste seems kind of scary – it is in a tube/syringe, it is black and thick and looks as though it should be reserved for the CBD veterans out there. In fact – it is very easy to use and an amazing source of a wide range of naturally occurring amino-acids, waxes, terpenes and cannabinoids; we think that it can be used by beginners as well as those who like a powerful cannabinoid punch.

Imagine a whole hemp plant that has been squeezed into a tube. There are many people out there, including us, who believe that the benefits of CBD & the Hemp plant are best when all of the naturally occurring chemicals and compounds are present- including a wide range of naturally occurring Cannabinoids that work to enhance and regulate each other; this is called the Entourage Effect.

By nature, the hemp flower is biter but b/c the Hemp Paste is not chemically processed, the natural chlorophyll and terpenes are still intact thus leaving the natural flavors

Hemp Paste contains Natural Terpenes which are healthy for you

A popular extraction method is butane extraction which leaves behind residue and is loaded with carcinogens

Due to the fact that about 40% of the cannabinoids are lost and thrown in the trash and COSTLY extraction equipment is needed. Creating CBD oil is one huge expense that is passed on to the consumer

When CBD oil is extracted, it is a thick black tar and needs to be diluted/cut with an oil, such as coconut oil, before it can be sold. When a company concentrates, then dilutes an oil, it loses its medicinal value. Many companies brag about how potent their oil is, but this is misinformation

Due to the CBD oil chemical process, CBD oil has a harsh taste and leaves a burning sensation

Hemp Paste uses no chemicals and is cooked in a BPA-free glass mason jar