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cbd oil spray for dogs

I personally love my CBD products from this company and when I found out the also have pets products I couldn’t resist to have my dog try it for when she gets too anxious.
She is 50 pounds full of love but when it comes to thunderstorms she becomes a baby and cries nonstop.
When I first put the spray on her food, she was more calm and less afraid of the noises outside.
Great product, I just wish it would come in a bigger bottle for bigger dogs!

My 15 year old rescue corgi/basset is a VERY picky eater. He doesn’t like anything new. Always avoids the treats and pills at every opportunity. He LOVES the taste of the CBD Oil 250 mg. And it really helps him to live with all his multiple ailments. It won’t cure him, but it has improved his quality of life considerably. He has laryngeal paralysis, Cushings, and osteoarthritis. This oil has given him the ease to relax and his movements are so much better. He even came down the carpeted steps yesterday for the first time in months. Thank you. I have tried everything before I found your products. I am grateful to my cousin for telling me about your company.

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I spray a little on my kittys food bowl before she eats to help reduce her pain.

Valarie Jimenez (verified owner) – December 29, 2020

I have a 9 year old golden ret. who got hit by a car just enough to mess with his hips. We did have him checked out by a vet because he would start to limping but they couldn’t find anything wrong so they decided to give him some cbd treats. and soon after his limping was almost immediately relieved. I wanted to order more treats but they were out of stock so i order this pet spray in the meantime. I can confirm the spray still contains all the benefits leaving my dog as a brand new pup!

Ingredients: Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, Beef Flavor, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil.

Providing the same benefits as we might experience from the use of CBD products, pets may also experience the wonderful relieving impact. Like humans, animals also have the ability to process CBD (endocannabinoid system), allowing them to reap the potential benefits and nutrients from hemp CBD oil.

These CBD oil pet sprays are for both cats and dogs. They’re great for picky eaters because they can be sprayed on water, food, or directly in their mouth. They also come in different strengths to accomodate all of your pets’ needs. While the number of sprays vary per your pet’s weight, you can tailor it to their specific needs! The oil’s flavor is derived from beef drippings, so your furry children will always be excited to take their CBD. Similar to our treats, the spray targets the same issues. It’s simply an easier form of administration in cases where your pet might be picky, or you want to give them a stronger CBD dose. Check the dosing instructions to see how many sprays your pet needs!

ReThink Hemp CBD Dog Treats – 50mg | 20ct

Roxanne Muller (verified owner) – September 12, 2019

Our subscribe & save program gives you the option to get your chosen product every 2 weeks, month, or every other month. The first time you subscribe & save on a product, you will receive 30% off and 15% off on all future susbcription orders.

I love this product! My kitty suffers from anxiety and she would be trembling all over the place but with this product, i sprayed it over her food and you can see that she was slowly calming down.

Since we use only the highest quality of naturally grown hemp, our CBD oil is extracted to contain no THC, which is the psychoactive compound that produces the infamous “high” sensation. Our CBD hemp spray for pets is all natural and your pets will love the beef flavor. Give our CBD pet spray a try, shop today!

The full bottle is 500 mg of full spectrum CBD, and great for bigger pets who need everyday treatment. Each bottle contains approximately 250 sprays that are 2 mg CBD per spray. You can spray Koi Naturals directly into the mouth, or into the food bowl for easy consumption. Make sure that you shake it up first as CBD and the coconut carrier oil can naturally separate.

This is a great alternative if your dog doesn’t do well with a dropper top solution or is a picky pup that doesn’t care for crunchy treats or chews. It’s also a great fit if you’re looking for a product to spray directly into your pet’s mouth rather than add to their food.

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Koi Naturals CBD spray is formulated by veterinarians using the highest quality domestic industrial hemp. It’s designed with only one thing in mind – your pet’s health. Treat your dog to the benefits of CBD with the Koi CBD Spray for Pets! It is really easy to use or to take on the go. This is a Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture in a convenient 60 ml spray bottle that is all natural & GMO-free. It contains 0% THC, and zero chemical or pesticide residue, so your furry friend can enjoy CBD with you!

Recommended Serving For Your Pet:

We always recommend starting small and working your way up, as needed. Many pets, like people, respond well to only a small amount of CBD. For both people and pets, taking CBD once daily is usually sufficient. If you have a furry family member that has a high metabolism, though, you may see more benefit in giving them smaller serving sizes 2x daily. Consistency is key. If you aren’t seeing benefit after 5 days of consistent use, increase the serving size for the next 5 days. If you still aren’t seeing enough benefit, reach out! That’s what we are here for!

Koi’s mission since 2015 has been to set the standard of quality for CBD users across the United States. Their focus is the ongoing pursuit of “better”. Everything can be better – better practices, better prices, better education, better days and better lives. We love that! It goes hand in hand with our goal here at Green Wellness Life of helping people (and their pets!) live healthier lives with hemp.

Please note that while this spray can be used with both dogs and cats, some cats may experience difficulty digesting the coconut oil base. We recommend using a CBD product with an extra virgin olive oil or fish oil base for cats such as the one found in Roxy Pets ,Holistapet or Mary’s for ease of digestion.