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cbd oil sleep reddit

I'm allergic to melatonin. Valerian root gives me hallucinations. Frankly scared to try most sleep aides because I'm usually in that 1% of side effects.

Edit: no getting high side effects or hallucinations

It only works for me if I have high potency

It doesn't make me sleepy, but it does relax me and clears my mind so I am able to fall asleep easier. I bought a 55 ml bottle at the beginning of February and I finished it at the end of March and I'm on my 2nd bottle.

Useless, but every brand is different, no real control over it. One might work and others don't.

We know marijuana causes poor sleep – its more akin to sedation than real sleep as it stops you from reaching REM sleep.

Same, it’s been five days I’ve been taking CBD before bed and every night I dream.

Yes I took pure cbd for the first time today and I’m tired as hell. It’s great for sleeping.

DATA INSIGHT – I started taking CBD oil not for any other reason really than curiosity. I have always tracked my sleep and what I found was that when I started taking CBD oil regularly (as in every day) I slept for 14% more. What's more, my sleep was better quality.

Oh the name of that one made me think it would be more uplifting for some reason. Do you know of one that doesn't cause drowsiness? Thanks if you have advice.

Yes! CBD is great for sleep. I use it for anxiety and just take a higher dose to help me sleep. I just feel relaxed and my mind doesn’t run like it usually does. People typically start with 10-20mg I believe. I’ve never had a bad experience with it. My boyfriend works nights and it’s very difficult for him to sleep, since using cbd he has found relief and is finally able to sleep.

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD being sedative or sleep-inducing. The mechanisms aren't particularly well understood. Supposedly it is biphasic (pun intended). Current thinking is that lowers doses of CBD correlate to wakefulness and larger doses ones to promote sleep. Of course, the clinical studies are far from conclusive on this front, as with much about cbd.

What brand does he use? I’m looking to buy my mom some CBD oil for Christmas.

Also try different brands if the one you got doesn’t work out for you. Every company has different blends and processing methods.

Anyways, I have tried every sleep method and OTC supplements like GABA, melatonin, valerian root and benadryl. I have taken handfuls of all of them and it still takes me hours to fall asleep