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“Got this for my wife, she has chronic back and hip pain due to Arthritis and trapped nerve problems. I massaged the cream into her back and shortly after she told me the pain had eased considerably. she now has the cream applied morning and evening. Her pain as eased considerably and she now gets a good nights sleep. We have now purchased more of the cream for our neighbours and they are all saying that they are feeling more mobile and their pain has eased a lot. I did not believe that the cream would be so effective but it has helped my wife considerably.”
Colin Hallard, 29 May 2020 ( Hemp Cream with Comfrey & Arnica)

Mac from Black Sheep Farm Oils has been making creams & oils for decades from Nimbin, Australia.

Hemp Cream with Comfrey & Arnica

“This is a cracker of a product,I’ve been using it on my lower back and there is definitely some fire to this balm! Extremely soothing and recommend this one to anyone with deep pain!You’ve done it again Mac!”
– Matthew Dickson on 10 July 2021 (Hemp Fire Balm)“I have RA, OA, tendonitis, bulging discs and a painful ganglion ( on my foot). I have been on Almond with tumeric for a couple of weeks now and I have to say ,that while i am by no means pain free my pain level has decreased significantly”
– Elizabeth Russell-Pearce on 24 June 2021 (Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric) “Very effective on pain, my daughter has used it for chronic shoulder pain and was very happy with results, service is excellent, delivery prompt, product of high standard and very well priced.”
– Anna Heyes on 28 Apr 2021 ( for Hemp & Nettle Balm)“Purchased for my husband who has psoriatic arthritis and trouble sleeping. He’s noticed significant relief and sleeping so much better. The cream applied to certain arthritic fingers has been a godsend. Will reorder definitely. Thank you for producing an affordable natural product”
– Vicwoo30 on 18 Mar 2021“Hi Mac ♥️?I’m really impressed with the starter pack found relief immediately am in the process of buying more do not want to run out thankyou for all your help and patience God bless ??you and your family for providing us with this natural help happier days less pain ?♥️”
– Tina Maria on 11 Mar 2021“Absolutely brilliant stuff..I started taking your oil 2 wks ago for my arthritis & anxiety, it has honestly been life changing, I feel stronger & happier mentally than I have felt in anxiety.. I am even reducing off other meds..thanks Mac & the team for making my life worth living out in the real world with a smile ?”
– Nicole Maddox on 15 Feb 2021“Great products very quick shipping this hemp oil helps with my back and neck pain.
– Graham Richards on 2 Feb 2021 “I started using the Hemp, Comfrey and Arnica when my back and shoulder pain were interrupting my sleep and the shoulder pain was intense. I have since had a Reverse Shoulder Replacement and i find the cream has helped to reduce swelling and some of the pain particularly when applied just before doing the exercises. I have recommended the product to some friends so they can get the relief I do.” – Alice Brady on Hemp Cream with Comfrey & Arnica
25 Jan 2021 “Life changing !I am 72 years old and was
unable to use my hands due to painful arthritis.Wanted to try something natural.
This oil means no longer wearing hand splints, etc.
I am so glad to be using an aussie product, i do highly
recommend this wonderful oil ! !
Thanks Mac x ?”
ronnyronni on 4th Oct 2020 ( Hemp Oil infused in Olive Oil – no Turmeric) “Amazing oil, gave my first bottle to my mother in law, after using it for 2 weeks she is off her pain meds. It definitely helps with my knee pain and the Thieves oil helps me breathe and I sleep much better using it. Price is fantastic, very fast shipping, can’t recommend Black Sheep Farm & Mac highly enough. ??????”
Jeff on 29 Sep 2020 ( Hemp Oil infused in Almond Oil with Turmeric)

“I have been approved by the TGA, and I found it worked well, but the cost to get the script filled was very expensive. So I decided to try the hemp oil infused in almond oil with turmeric from the Black Sheep Farm, after a couple of friends recommended it, and found the price was reasonable, and it has worked as well, if not better. I have been able to go off my opioids, and feeling much better without the side affects of the addictive drug. I have fibromyalgia, and my life is feeling back to normal. So I am very happy with the product and would like to thank the Black Sheep for their fast delivery as well. I am now living without the pain that made life unbearable at times.”
– Kevin R, 8 May 2020 ( Hemp Oil infused in Almond Oil with Turmeric)

The Hemp Industry Act 2008 (the Act), allows the cultivation and supply of low THC hemp fibre and seed production in NSW, under controlled conditions.

Mac McGauley has been making creams & oils for decades & brings his expertise
& local contacts with hemp growers in Australia to make very affordable & effective hemp oil.

Welcome to Black Sheep Farm Oils, from Nimbin, Australia.

Robin, 20 July 2021

Had pain in my shoulder and neck for months, tried several things without success. Been using the oil and balm for a couple of weeks now and the pain is basically gone. Great products.Husband uses the balm for relief from cramps in his thighs.

Simply amazing!I suffer from anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia. This hemp oil has really changed the game. I feel loose, pain-free, relaxed and revived. Thank you so much. Xxxxxxxx

This truly is a wonderful product, I purchased the pack based on the reviews but the price is what made me originally feel sceptical about buying it because anyone else is selling for more than double the price but I was pleasantly suprised after using it… my anxiety just began to dissipate, my mood became more positive and my aches from multiple surgeries on my knee began to feel less noticeable. I have now made multiple purchases of the pack and oil on its own as gifts to for family members who are suffering from anxiety and chronic pain. Mac has made a product so wonderful yet has made it affordable and not inflated the price like others. This has changed my life and now others close to me! Thank you Mac and crew ?

Perminder Sachdev, a neurophysicist and co-director of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, said humans had receptors for cannabis in the body: CB1 and CB2 receptors.

"Where I got my medicinal cannabis, they supply probably 200 people a week, I would say 90 per cent of them have never had marijuana in their life, they've never taken an illegal drug in their life and they're ageing," Ms Vam Vas said.

Key points:

"There are the obvious ones like constipation because of codeine, but there are also sedation effects where people become delirious.

In response to Mr Balderston's statements, the TGA said a medicinal cannabis product was required to meet the Therapeutic Goods Order (TGO) 93, which ensured the product did not contain more than defined limits for contaminants.

"So, people are finding ways to access it across Australia."