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cbd oil mississauga

Our team in Mississauga will provide more than sound medical advice. They also focus on creating a holistic patient experience to help you take charge of your health and rediscover the simple joys in life.

There are no referrals necessary to book an appointment with one of our physicians.

The experts in our Mississauga clinic can help you manage various symptoms and conditions.

Some health insurance plans may cover the cost of a prescription received from our Mississauga office. Simply ask your provider. Low-income patients can ask their preferred Licensed Producer about compassionate pricing programs that offer up to 25% off.

Only Licensed Producers may sell directly to patients, therefore our Mississauga clinic does not have any products available for sale. Your cannabis counsellor will send your documents to the Licensed Producer of your choice and they will be in touch within 1 to 3 business days to confirm your order status.

– Free parking or compensation will be provided for all patients
– Wheelchair accessible

The Apollo doctor will make a medical cannabis recommendation which includes daily dosing and specific products that will benefit the user. Once the recommendation has been made individuals will register with one, or several, Licensed Producers (LPs) of their choosing.

Medical cannabis users have more leeway when it comes to where cannabis may be consumed, and medical users are allowed to consume cannabis anywhere tobacco is permitted. This is similar to recreational users who are allowed to consume cannabis anywhere tobacco is permitted, although some municipalities may enforce stricter consumption laws. Medical cannabis users may also possess a higher amount of cannabis, based on their medical recommendation, and are allowed to carry tinctures, edibles and CBD products.

Apollo Cannabis Clinic Mississauga

CBD offers a unique alternative to traditional cannabis-based therapies as it is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid which has the potential to act on a number of symptoms including pain, inflammation, mood, and anxiety. Visit to set up an appointment with an Apollo Doctor to determine whether CBD is right for you.

A Licensed Producer is a cannabis company who is registered to sell medical cannabis to medical cannabis users and does not offer recreational cannabis that is available to the public. All orders for medical cannabis are completed online, through a LP, and will be shipped directly to the individual’s doorstep.

Medical users also have a greater selection of cannabis products to choose from. Licensed Producers offer products that are not available on the recreational market, such as CBD oil, tinctures and decarboxylated flowers. Licensed Producers will also be able to guide patients towards appropriate products for their medical needs.

Here at Canadian Cannabis Clinics and the Mississauga cannabis clinic, we’re passionate about education and access to medical cannabis. In fact, we’re one of the leading providers in Canada. We pride ourselves in being the premier medical cannabis clinic and bringing medical solutions to patients across the area.

We’re also very serious about educating the general public and family physicians on the benefits of using medical cannabis. By ensuring that those in need have access to and are educated on the topic of medical cannabis, we can help create Better Days for thousands of Canadians!

Where is Canadian Cannabis Clinics in Mississauga?

Your appointment at the Canadian Cannabis Clinic in Mississauga will include an assessment with a healthcare practitioner after which you will consult with a medical cannabis educator. The educator will teach you everything you need to know to ensure you get the most out of your products.

At Canadian Cannabis Clinics in Mississauga, our team of healthcare practitioners work hand-in-hand with experienced medical cannabis educators to help find the best treatment path for clients.

The Mississauga medical cannabis clinic is located at 77 Queensway West. You literally can’t miss us; we’re right across the street from the Mississauga Hospital!