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cbd oil legal in sc

Marijuana is illegal for both medical and recreational purposes. Although the House recently attempted to push the South Carolina Medical Marijuana Program Act, the bill was rejected in the Senate in 2016. For some patients, high-CBD low-THC hemp oil is permitted to treat chronic or terminal illnesses like severe epilepsy.

South Carolina residents can find plenty of brick-and-mortar stores that sell premium-quality CBD products. But if you don’t live near any of the stores we mention in the article, you can always buy CBD oil online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Despite its recreational appeal, CBD is mostly associated with numerous health benefits – from reduced anxiety and inflammation to alleviated pain and potential cancer prevention capabilities.


First, selecting available CBD products in online stores is generally much wider than in your local health store. If you want to try more than just regular tinctures – like vape juices, gummies, oral sprays, or pet care products – the online vault will welcome you with open arms.

The South has never been particularly open-minded regarding laws around marijuana, and South Carolina is no exception to that rule.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the best in-state CBD shops, but before we dig deeper into it, let’s answer some basic questions about buying CBD oil in South Carolina.

Aside from being fast, safe, and convenient, buying CBD oil online comes with other noteworthy perks.

Manufacturers could make and sell CBD oil legally, provided they used hemp that had been imported. They were also restricted to using only the plant’s mature stalks, fiber, oil, and seeds to make their oil, since these parts were not included in the definition of “marihuana” under federal law.

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Using our unique varieties of imported high-CBD hemp, we’re able to produce hemp oil products like CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and hemp body care products that are naturally abundant in CBD. The legality of these products is unaffected by South Carolina’s medicinal marijuana laws.

When CBD Became Legal in South Carolina

The same bill advanced to the floors of the South Carolina House and Senate last year, but the session ended before the bill was debated by the full chambers.

It has been five years since South Carolina lawmakers approved Senate Bill 1035 to give patients access to a low-THC CBD oil extracted from marijuana with the recommendation from a doctor. The Palmetto State’s medical marijuana law, however, offers little additional benefit to its residents.

These parts of the hemp plant are what hemp oil companies, like us at Medical Marijuana, Inc., have been using to produce our CBD oil products since 2012. We were the first company to bring hemp CBD oil to market, and all of our products, including Real Scientific Hemp Oil TM (RSHO TM ), contain pure hemp CBD oil derived the parts of hemp that have been legal.

Yes, CBD is completely legal in the state of South Carolina.

All of these stores should sell CBD over the counter. They should also have knowledgeable employees who can point you in the direction of a great source of CBD.

Is CBD Legal in South Carolina?

Take a look below and see if you can find your city.

Making your purchase online will allow you to easily verify the source of your oil and view the best information about the CBD products.

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Since it introduced the 2014 Farm Bill, the Federal Government no longer considers industrial hemp as a controlled substance. This change made it legal for farmers to grow industrial hemp for commercial and research purposes.