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cbd oil for teething

It is just this issue that appears to have caught the attention of the FDA and FTC as the target for their most recent CBD enforcement. Similar to the three CBD companies previously targeted, Rooted Apothecary made allegedly unsubstantiated claims that its products could prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure serious diseases. Particularly concerning this time, however, was the fact that some of the claims targeted use on infants and children.

Some examples of the company’s claims included the following:

Any parent who has tried in vain to soothe a child suffering from a painful ear infection or comfort a teething baby knows that feeling of desperation when you may be willing to try just about anything to get the crying to stop. Both yours and the child’s…

Once again, CBD marketers should take a lesson from the rules that apply to conventional products, and not just as to claim substantiation. Product claims that target vulnerable populations, such as infants, children, or the elderly, are likely to receive greater scrutiny regardless of the product type. These populations (along with sleep-deprived parents of young children) may be more susceptible to believing outrageous claims and less likely or able to articulate it if a product is not working or is potentially causing harm. And that – more than the ear infection – is reason for concern.

Give your kid a cold teether and some tylenol. Your friend is a fucking idiot.

It isn’t regulated by the FDA like other medications so its difficult to say if you’re getting the actual dosage of CBD in the oil that’s listed.

Give baby some Tylenol or Motrin and let him chew on some cold teethers.

I wouldn’t risk giving CBD oil to a baby. There aren’t enough studies done that would make me feel confident that it isn’t doing some kind of harm or that it has any benefit at all. I also tend to think the whole CBD oil thing is a bunch of over-marketed hype anyway, but I’ve never used it.

CBD oil is not recommended for children except for very specific seizure disorders.

I wouldn’t risk giving CBD oil to a baby. There aren’t enough studi…

Tylenol and Motrin ARE heavily regulated and you know the exact dosage listed is what you are getting because of this. There are plenty of studies done and in giving the proper dosage, it is extremely unlikely to get any adverse reactions in an otherwise healthy person.

According to WebMD, babies who are given acetaminophen for a fever during their first year of life had increased risk of illness at ages 6-7. They had 46% increased risk of asthma, 48% increased risk of runny nose and red, itchy eyes, and 38% increased risk of eczema. Teething gels have a dangerous chemical benzocaine in them. The FDA came out against them last May because benzocaine has been linked to a rare blood condition that can cause deadly breathing problems.

My preference is wood toys. They may or may not incorporate some organic cotton fabric. One toy company I really like is Finn and Emma. They seal the wood with organic vegetable seed wax. Watch out for wood toys that are coated in toxic lacquer. You don’t want to give your baby that to chew on.

Crunchy Mom’s Teething Toolbox: 11 Natural Teething Alternatives

We try our best to avoid plastics at our house even though we live in a plastic filled world. The silicone, or rubber, teethers are a great option. A mainstream option that has been flooding the markets is Sophie the giraffe. We have the flat one with the “rings.” Avoid squeeze toy options. Anything that can suck air in can also suck spit, which means there is an opportunity for mold to grow. They have cut open rubber duckies and bath toys to find black mold growing on the inside. That’s the last thing you want anywhere near a developing body.

This is a new one that has been showing up on all the crunchy mom sites and the ingredients are Wellness Way approved. I haven’t tried Camilia personally, but I have heard good things from moms I respect.

I still have my amber necklace from my first son and now my littlest wears it too. The key component affiliated with Baltic amber’s healing properties is succinic acid, which accounts for 8% of its make-up. In theory, when placed around the baby’s neck, Baltic amber warms up, causing it to release oils that contain succinic acid. Personally, the biggest thing I notice with my babes is less drooling when they have their necklace on. I’m not personally worried about choking hazards, but if you are the necklace can be double wrapped around the ankle during sleep.