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cbd oil for pleasure

Awaken and Sex Oil are unique, but designed to work together.

Our product is clean, meaning that it is never tested on animals, has vagina-friendly PH, and does not contain:

Your body absorbs what you put on it (or in it). That’s why our lube is truly all-natural and free of added chemicals, with only two organically-grown ingredients.

Every ingredient and every batch of final product is independently tested for purity & potency.
View a summary of test results for each hemp lube batch here .

2. Can I still purchase Intimacy Natural Lubricant?

1. What’s the difference between Awaken & Sex Oil?

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We’ve rounded up nine fan-favorite CBD products that can be used to increase pleasure and make for a better sex life. Enjoy!

By now, we all know how great CBD is for our overall wellness and for our sex life , but do you know what products are the most trustworthy? Ask anybody who uses CBD on, in, or around their private parts , and you’ll likely hear them rave about such-and-such lubricant and all the goodness it brings to the bedroom. But finding the right product for you is another thing.

There’s no shame in deep research when it comes to picking products to make your sex life better. CBD is often cited as an effective anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever –which is excellent news for women who struggle with menstrual or sexual pain. Plus, CBD is probably best known for helping people relax, which means more pleasure.

Eye Cream for Your Vagina, Basically

Time to really ramp up the pleasure? Try out this sexy vanilla-scented oil to enhance sensitivity and increase blood flow. Multiple plant ingredients work together to get you all turned on and lubed up. MCT oil provides lubrication, and of course, CBD can relax your vagina and help relieve pain for some great sex. As an added bonus, hemp seed oil will moisturize and soften your skin and condition your pubes, if you rock ‘em. Win-win!

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