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CB1 Botanicals created an Innovation Partnership with one of Europe's leading research centres, the PMBRC (Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre), to achieve better purity and consistency of extracts and to develop novel processing and purification methods that will improve existing industry standards.

CB1 Botanicals is an Irish company pioneering research and development with certified organic, high-concentrate phytocannabinoids and bioactives. We dedicated three years to developing our first high-grade CBD oil, ION.

advancing the power of nature

Our dedication to quality is uncompromising across our entire supply chain. We spent 36 months developing quality assurance at every level of development, production and processing.

Our mission is to advance the current understanding of naturally derived plant compounds that can be used for ongoing research, primarily focused on targeting cellular health. In order to achieve this goal, we are collaborating with leading universities and research facilities across a broad spectrum of research areas.

ION.CBD oil maintains all the pure and natural compounds that full plant spectrum has to offer. It ticks all the boxes for organic certification; from seed to soil, nurture, harvest, processing and manufacturing.

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Studies show that multiple compounds working synergistically together are much more effective than a CBD product with fewer compounds. Hemp contains 100+ cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, & CBN, along with 200+ terpenes & flavonoids with unique health properties.

Our most popular CBD Oil, 750mg tincture, enclosed into softgels.

What are Terpenes, Their Benefits, and Used For? Why You Should Care

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Our proprietary purification process allows us to retain more cannabinoids & terpenes while removing all unwanted impurities to produce a rich pure CBD oil. Experience third-party lab tested CBD without any impurities, color distortion, bad taste, or toxic compounds.

No Rx prescription required

Third-party lab verified

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