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Today the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced a final decision to down-schedule certain low dose cannabidiol (CBD) preparations from Schedule 4 (Prescription Medicine) to Schedule 3 (Pharmacist Only Medicine).

The decision will allow TGA approved low-dose CBD containing products, up to a maximum of 150 mg/day, for use in adults, to be supplied over-the-counter by a pharmacist, without a prescription. The decision limits over-the-counter supply to only those products that are approved by the TGA and included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). The decision also outlines additional limits on dosage form and packaging requirements, including pack size and child resistant closures.

The law was changed. However there are no approved products to purchase.

There are currently no TGA approved products on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) that meet the Schedule 3 criteria.

I’ve bought from them around 6 times before – usually takes 2 business days to arrive no matter where you live in Australia (just about). I’ve got my family on to it as well. I highly recommend the Advanced formula – anything less potent isn’t effective for me or many others I know. If you can be bothered you can look through my comments about CBD and how it’s cured my depression and helped me with insomnia and so many other things. I cannot recommend this brand enough. Best wishes dude x

At his request I've been trying to research and source cannabis oil, but because of the rapidly evolving legal/political landscape around marijuana, I'm finding it very difficult to work out what the go is.

-Was the recent vote in the senate just to allow trials for medical marijuana? Or will it eventually mean that patients can be prescribed marijuana based products?

Hi all, my father in law just got diagnosed with fairly advanced bowel cancer. As a result of the treatment, he has completely lost his appetite and struggles to keep any food down.

-Has anyone ever tried CBD rich cannabis oil to help with nausea/lost appetite due to chemo?

I'd be forever grateful if someone can shed some light on the following points –