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cbd oil and fertility

There’s a number of theories around CBD’s relationship with and effect on fertility. Much more research is needed in this area for us to be able to make any definitive claims about whether it’s beneficial or harmful for fertility.

Consequently, many medical professionals do not recommend CBD to couples who are finding it difficult to conceive — especially those who are already taking other supplements with which CBD may negatively interact. It’s therefore always important to consult a medical professional before taking CBD for fertility.

When it comes to fertility, there’s been even less research with regard to CBD. Currently, there isn’t enough information to support the idea that CBD can either limit or boost fertility.

Final Thoughts: CBD & Fertility

Another study showed that smoking cannabis lowered sperm count and concentration by 28%, suggesting that it can considerably inhibit male fertility [2].

A note worth remembering is that CBD does have an array of potential health benefits that are backed up by science, albeit fairly limited. If you have other health conditions — or if conception issues have caused you to develop stress, anxiety, or any other cognitive issues that may be detrimental to fertility issues in their own right — you may find that CBD could help alleviate them. This may end up indirectly helping you to conceive.

In this article, we explore the available scientific evidence to determine the potential relationship between CBD and fertility.

One study conducted on mouse embryos showed that the compound anandamide inhibited the development of embryos — and, as anandamide increases with CBD use, this suggests the cannabinoid may have a negative effect in the initial stages of pregnancy, thereby affecting fertility as a whole.

Smoking or vaping is not encouraged when taking CBD for fertility since burning cannabis produces ammonia and other toxins that can affect your fertility negatively.

CBD capsules simplify the work as each one contains a defined amount of CBD. You can pop them in your mouth on the go. However, capsules take a little bit longer than tinctures to be absorbed by your body, as they first have to be digested and broken down in your liver.

And women aren’t the only ones who experience infertility. Research shows that approximately 40% of couples’ conception challenges are a result of men, and another 40% are a result of women. About 20% goes to a combination of factors that are seen in both males and females.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD for Fertility?

The impact of CBD on fertility relates to how it interacts with your ECS. Since this is a regulatory system that tries to restore optimal body functioning, it may affect hormones in your reproductive system. To help you better understand, we’ll first explore how CBD affects female and male fertility.

Topical and cremes are not very useful for fertility as they deliver targeted effects, but they may be very helpful if you have conditions such as eczema or joint pain.

Fortunately, we’ve seen promising infertility solutions develop over the years. Therefore, men and women have a variety of options available to help with fertility challenges. After talking with your doctor about your best path forward, CBD may come up in the conversation. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a supplement, derived from the cannabis plant, that is recognized for its many potential benefits including pain, anxiety, and inflammation relief. But what about the effects of CBD on fertility? That’s one question we’ll try to answer today!

However, one study suggests that a receptor connected to the ECS system called GPR18 was found in sperm cells . This led to the proposal that CBD plays a role in a reproductive biological process called the acrosome reaction. It showed that when the GPR18 receptor is activated, it triggers the acrosome reaction. Then, various digestive enzymes are ejected as the sperm cell swims towards the egg, enabling the sperm to lose their protective caps so they can properly penetrate eggs. In this way, this receptor plays a crucial role in the reproductive system as it facilitates the fertilization process.

This is a big deal for any mother, particularly mothers who are struggling with infertility rates and/or participating in fertility treatments. Premature births put your baby at a higher risk for:

We’ve addressed reasons why couples trying to conceive – or who are pregnant – should steer clear of marijuana. From compromising male fertility factors to crossing the placenta’s blood barrier, it’s simply too much of a risk. With the use of these products widely available in California, we are seeing a rise of CBD use.

Surgeon General Warns Against Marijuana & CBD Use for Pregnant Women Due to Multiple Health Risks

The most important question is, “why do you want to use CBD oil or marijuana during pregnancy?” It’s imperative that you work with an OB/GYN or fertility specialist who you feel comfortable with, and who you trust, so you can discuss this topic with him/her. That way, we can help you find alternative solutions:

The part of the brain exposed to the effects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the ingredient in marijuana that makes you high) are in charge of executive and emotional functioning. So, it makes sense that studies continue to correlate prenatal marijuana use with a child’s behavioral and developmental problems.

And that list goes on. Our goal is always to achieve a healthy, full-term pregnancy for both mother and baby. That means advising that you do everything you can – including avoiding CDB oil and marijuana use – to prevent a preterm birth.