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Even the most enthusiastic gym goers admit that there are days when they would rather sleep than workout. Exercise has its challenges, but the mental and physical benefits are too good to ignore. To counteract those challenging days when you are tired, achy, or in no mood to push yourself, you can try a natural compoun According to the experts at Holistic Herb

6 Reasons To Take CBD Before Workout

Even the most enthusiastic gym goers admit that there are days when they would rather sleep than workout. Exercise has its challenges, but the mental and physical benefits are too good to ignore. To counteract those challenging days when you are tired, achy, or in no mood to push yourself, you can try a natural compound beneficial for various chronic and mental health conditions.

What Is Cannabinol?

Cannabinol (CBD) has been around for thousands of years, but it has recently made a name in the western world. CBD is like marijuana in its structure and some of its benefits. However, it differs in one crucial aspect.

While marijuana has psychoactive effects that cause users to get high, hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC, so there is no risk of getting high or overdosing. The health benefits of taking CBD are encouraging, and researchers have only just started gathering data on this natural compound.

CBD can help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, PTSD, infertility, menopause, and other health-related issues. The rise in popularity has encouraged producers to come up with a range of CBD products. Nowadays, users take CBD vape juice for pain , edibles, oil tinctures, and use CBD-infused skincare products, balms, and more.

Six reasons CBD can optimize your workout

CBD relieves anxiety

Anxiety is the mental health issue that inhibits many of us from living the life we should be living. Due to its symptoms, we allow fear and worries to hold us back, and sometimes that can mean not being able to get out of the house to complete a workout.

CBD can help relieve anxiety by encouraging our body to release more serotonin .

We refer to the latter as the happy chemical because a fair amount of serotonin allows us to experience well-being feelings. CBD can also potentially manage the GABA levels in the brain . This amino acid is a pivotal component to us feeling relaxed.

CBD eases pain

Pain can stop you from doing a proper workout, or worse, skipping the gym. Aches and sore muscles from an intense workout can cause pain, but chronic pain caused by a slipped disk can also prove too painful to bear.

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CBD can ease pain, whether it is temporary or chronic. Studies have shown how this natural compound can reduce chronic pain in the joints and muscles, such as that caused by chronic health issues, including multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

CBD lowers inflammation

Inflammation is essential to healing, but it can leave us feeling worse when it becomes a chronic issue. Acute inflammation can damage the muscles and connective tissues, especially if you keep working out intensely. Taking CBD before working out is a way of treating chronic inflammation to avoid causing more damage. Researchers have noted the potent anti-inflammatory properties of CBD , making it a natural option for treating inflammation.

CBD helps with muscle recovery

When you workout often, your body has less time to recover. Intense workouts can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness, which leads to muscle stiffness. Inflammation and fever in the muscles are the ones that cause this chronic soreness.

CBD is beneficial because besides lowering pain and inflammation, it helps manage the body’s high body temperature and muscle stress. As a result, you minimize recovery time, and you can work out with a lower risk of injury.

CBD lowers oxidative stress

When our body experiences an imbalance between the harmful free radicals and antioxidants, oxidative stress is the result. High-intensity workouts release high levels of reactive oxygen, resulting in muscular atrophy. CBD is an excellent antioxidant, and taking it before a workout helps neutralize the free radicals in your body.

CBD promotes focus

CBD promotes overall well-being by improving your mental and physical health. As a result, you will experience a deeper level of focus when your workout out. With better focus, you will have more strength and stamina to push yourself physically. Intense concentration on your training is an excellent way of forgetting about your day’s stress and experiencing a respite from everyday challenges.

Using CBD products safely

The advantage of taking CBD is that it has no harmful side effects. The only known side effects some users have experienced include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. When taking CBD, it is better to start slow and increase gradually when necessary.

Remember that not all CBD products work the same. Oil tinctures and vape liquids work faster, and the effects are over quickly. Edibles take longer to work on the body, but their effects are longer lasting — between two to four hours.

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If you are taking other medication, it is essential to speak to your doctor to ensure that the CBD does not interfere with your medication. This natural compound can block the work of particular medicine and make you vulnerable.

How CBD Could Affect Your Workout

From pre-workout to protein powders, we’re always looking for products to upgrade our exercise regimes – but when it comes to CBD, it’s still early days. Having only been legal in the UK since 2018, studies around its effects are ongoing, and there hasn’t yet been enough time to conduct in-depth research about long-term use.

That said, initial indications are promising, with anecdotal evidence linking CBD to better sleep, reduced anxiety and muscle relaxation – all of which sound pretty great after a long run or heavy weights session. So we asked an expert what we do know so far about the connection between CBD and exercise, to help you make an informed choice when it comes to trying it for yourself.

How might CBD impact performance?

There are a couple of fundamental reasons why CBD could be beneficial for exercise – and as with most movement, it all starts with mobility. ‘Pre-clinical animal model studies have looked at the treatment of arthritis with CBD,’ says Liam McGreevy, director at premium CBD brand Holistic Herb. ‘They found that oral and topical CBD may help to reduce inflammation and promote repair in joints, so it’s reasonable to expect that CBD could be beneficial for joint mobility.’

‘CBD can also improve blood flow and subsequent oxygen supply, and removal of waste,’ he adds. ‘This reduces blood pressure, which can improve stress and anxiety.’ This means there could be mental benefits here, as well as the physical perks, which may help with getting into the zone ahead of a big race or competition and help you to focus on hitting your PB.

Can you use CBD for workout recovery?

Topical CBD creams can be effective in treating pain and inflammation in specific areas such as joints or muscles, and may be useful for reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). On a broader scale, CBD is also thought to support better sleep, which is crucial for your body in many ways, but particularly to boost recovery from physical stress. McGreevy notes that this snooze-related advantage seems to be dose-dependent, so it’s important to find the right level for your needs.

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‘You can also use CBD oil drops, sprays or capsules to aid recovery, but whichever option you choose, it’s better to choose a product with improved bioavailability, which helps to ensure the maximum amount of CBD makes it to the bloodstream and is delivered around the body,’ he explains. Holistic Herb’s line has total bioavailability, with over 15 times more of the active CBD in its products being fully absorbed compared to many other products on the market.

Should you take CBD before or after your workout?

This is really a personal choice, as there are benefits to both options. ‘Before your workout, CBD may help maximise performance by reducing stress, improving oxygen delivery, reducing inflammation and pain signalling, and promoting mobility,’ McGreevy says. ‘Post-workout, it could help to improve muscle recovery, reduce muscle and joint inflammation, and improve sleep recovery.’

If you want quick results before hitting the gym, look for products designed to be held under the tongue, as these can be delivered faster through the sublingual blood vessels. Products that are ingested will take longer to reach the bloodstream via the stomach and liver, and are more suited to a longer-term, but more sustained delivery.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t be using CBD to support their workouts?

‘Care should be taken when using other medication, as interaction with the enzymes in the liver may slow their breakdown and release,’ McGreevy warns. ‘It is also advised that you don’t use CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding, as its impact on the development of the foetus and baby is not yet understood.’

‘It takes time to find an effective dose, and while there is strong pre-clinical evidence for its effect on blood pressure, stress and anxiety, and inflammatory response, it may be that CBD does not provide effective pain relief for some,’ McGreevy adds. Check with a doctor if you have any concerns around your CBD use, and follow recommended dosage guidelines to see if it can make a difference for you.

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