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Shop from a wide selection of CBD gummies & edibles at CBD Oil Canada. Free, guaranteed express shipping on $99+ orders anywhere in Canada. Best CBD Gummies Canada: Top 3 CBD Edibles To Buy In 2022 There is no doubt that CBD products are fast emerging as a natural, alternative medicine for treating pain, anxiety, and stress. And CBD

CBD Gummies Canada

Shop from a large selection of CBD gummies from CBD Oil Canada. All our edible candies are made with love right here in Canada and we carry a great variety of CBD gummies from popular brands such as Twisted Extracts & Savage CBD. These products can help with sleep issues, all types of chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and are a great alternative to smoking. Another bonus is that they are easily broken up into manageable doses, making it that much easier to get all the amazing benefits of CBD in a tasty form. Buy different flavours of CBD gummies online, from raspberry, black cherry, peach, orange, mango & more.

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CBD Candies – Cherry Coke – Cannabis Cousins

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CBD/THC Candies – Assorted – Cannabis Cousins

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CBD/THC ZZZ Bomb (Black Cherry) – Twisted Extracts

CBD/THC ZZZ Bomb (Raspberry) – Twisted Extracts

CBD/THC Jelly Bomb (Mango) – Twisted Extracts

CBD/THC Jelly Bomb (Grape) – Twisted Extracts

CBD/THC Indica Cara-Melts – Twisted Extracts

CBD/THC Sativa Cara-Melts – Twisted Extracts

CBD Cara-Melts – Twisted Extracts

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Watermelon – Mary and Wanda

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – Cherry Cola – Mary and Wanda

CBD Chocolate Bar – Boost

Full Spectrum Mint CBD Chocolate Bar – Mary and Wanda

Full Spectrum CBD Rooibos Tea – High Tea

Full Spectrum CBD Tea – Calming – High Tea

Full Spectrum CBD Tea – Earl Grey – High Tea

Full Spectrum CBD Tea – Tranquility – High Tea

Dosage Guide for CBD Gummies:

All of our CBD gummies will have accurate dosage guides on the packaging. A good rule of thumb is “Start Low and Go Slow” – if the desired results are not achieved by the dose you are taking, increase the amount gradually on future doses. There is no standard dose for CBD-dominated edibles, but it is recommended to take between 1 – 6mg CBD for every 10 pounds (4.5kg) of body weight. Visit our complete guide to CBD dosing if you want more information.

Our brands of CBD Gummies:

Twisted Extracts is Canada’s top supplier of CBD & CBD/THC Gummies

Since 2015 Twtised Extracts have been producing quality cannabis edibles out of Courtney, BC. Known for a twisted family of cannabis and confection experts that make kickass cannabis edibles. Everything they do is to enrich the quality of life of our customers with consistently dosed cannabis and CBD products for recreational and medicinal use.

There products are always infused, never sprayed. They support our Craft Grower Community because we believe in mindful partnerships, and we control our process from seed to final product so we can guarantee you a consistence experience every time.

Savage CBD Gummies

One of the largest and most innovative brands in the CBD industry, Savage CBD carries a wide range of products, with CBD gummies being one of their most popular. This brand is all about full transparency, with high-quality products at a fair price to the customer. Savage CBD keeps innovating and evolving to make sure they are always staying step ahead of the competition in the CBD industry.

Best CBD Gummies Canada: Top 3 CBD Edibles To Buy In 2022

There is no doubt that CBD products are fast emerging as a natural, alternative medicine for treating pain, anxiety, and stress. And CBD gummies are no exception.

Aside from the multiple health benefits on offer, they taste quite similar to the regular gummy candies, meaning you don’t have to compromise on taste. This is a significant advantage over other edible CBD products like oils, which not only lack taste but also make it difficult to follow the recommended dosage.

Sure, you may enter “best CBD gummies in Canada” on Google to do a quick search, but that won’t solve the problem. With so many options at your disposal, choosing the best CBD gummies will be far from being easy. And that’s why we are here to help you.

We have compiled a list of the three best CBD gummies in Canada after thoroughly researching the different brands that manufacture the same. Not only that, but some of our team members have also tried them to gain a precise, first-hand experience.

Our Top Picks Of CBD Gummies In Canada:

    – Overall Best CBD Gummies, Editor’s Choice
  1. Plant Of Life – Top CBD Brand On The Market– Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

#1. CBDNorth – Overall Best CBD Gummies, Editor’s Choice

Brand Overview

CBDNorth (or North Wellness) is a brand that hardly needs any introduction among experienced CBD consumers. But we’d still like to provide insight for those of our readers who are willing to try CBD for the first time.

This Vancouver-based brand believes in providing effective, all-natural, and affordable CBD for all those in need. As such, all its products are made from Canadian-grown, organic hemp sources so that they don’t leave the consumers “high.” Plus, all of the ingredients are third-party lab tested to assure consumers of their quality and purity.

Under the “CBD Assistance Program” (the first of its kind in Canada), CBDNorth offers a special discount on any full-price order to people with disabilities, active and veteran military personnel, senior citizens, and firefighters. This program is also applicable for people from low-income households and post-secondary students.

  • Soothes pain, anxiety and cures insomnia
  • Made from vegan gelatin and fruity flavors
  • Contains 20mg Canadian-grown organic hemp (isolate extract)
  • Third-party lab tested for authenticity, results available on the website
  • Dosage instructions according to the specific condition and its severity
  • Discount on all full-price orders under the “CBD Assistance Program” for greater accessibility
  • Fast shipping within 2 to 5 business days
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  • May contain allergy-causing ingredients like peanut, soy, coconut, wheat, or dairy

A. Ingredients

Unlike a lot of other CBD candies, these gummies are made from plant-based gelatine, meaning they are vegan, which makes them suitable for all consumers.

The other ingredients include organic cane sugar, fruit juice (raspberry and blackberry), citric acid, coloring (both natural and artificial), and of course, CBD-infused hemp oil. One pack contains 15 pieces, with each piece having 20mg CBD isolate. In short, each pack has a total of 300mg CBD.

B. Taste

As the name suggests, these bite-sized gummies have a fruity-tart flavor, complemented by a sugar-coated exterior. And unlike some of the other CBD gummies, they don’t leave a bad, almost bitter after-taste. The texture is pretty chewy or sticky, much like the normal gummy bears we eat.

C. Benefits

Talking about the most important aspect, these gummies help consumers ease their anxiety as well as relieve them of long-lasting chronic pains resulting from injuries or other conditions. On top of that, they relax the body and mind to promote overall well-being and cure insomnia.

In fact, many users have praised these gummies highly for helping them get improved and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night when consumed before bedtime.

D. Third-Party Lab Tested

Buyers can easily find the results of the third-party lab testing on the website, which state that the total CBD content in CBD isolate oils, body balm, pet oils, and gummies is 99.46%. Plus, they are free from foreign materials like pesticides, solvents, and metals.

E. Dosage Guide

Since the dosage and frequency of CBD are likely to vary from one consumer to another, we love how the website contains a detailed dosage guide. Just answer a few simple questions regarding body weight, the condition you’re suffering from, and possible CBD oil consumption, and the guide will list out the recommended dosage.

F. Shipping

The expert team at CBDNorth ships products within the country between 2 and 5 business days, and orders placed before 11 AM PST will be shipped the same day. Moreover, you can track your order by entering a few simple details.

#2. Plant Of Life – Top CBD Brand On The Market

  • THC free options
  • Full-spectrum
  • Skincare range available
  • Multiple payment options
  • MCT oil and Hemp seed oil

Plant Of Life is yet another Canadian CBD brand that’s based out of Toronto. The company offers a variety of CBD products apart from their full-spectrum oils, including capsules, gummies, pet treats, and more. You’ll find all their products on their website.

When it comes to their full-spectrum CBD gummies, you’ll find that they’re not as potent as CBDNorth’s full-spectrum CBD gummies. They work well in calming anxiety, reducing pain, and for a general good vibe. However, their lack of potency has put them in third place on this list.

This potency problem, or lack thereof, is primarily due to the lack of variety of cannabinoids present. As a result, the entourage effect doesn’t come into play with their oils.

  • There is no THC in any of the products, which means that they are non-psychoactive.
  • If you want some flavour, you can choose between natural or peppermint for CBD gummies.
  • There is a 3-step quiz on the website to give you a personalized dosage recommendation.
  • You won’t find a variety of dosage potencies and dropper sizes.
  • Not as effective as CBDNorth due to the absence of the entourage effect.

#3. CBD Magic Zen Leafs – Best Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Brand Overview

With the aim of improving the quality of life among consumers through innovative healing technologies, CBD Magic has earned a reputation for being the most trusted source of CBD oil in Canada. Operating for more than 5 decades now, its team of experts has developed advanced CBD processing technologies to specialize in full-spectrum CBD oil and water-soluble CBD nanotechnology products.

On that note, some of their top-selling products include pure CBD, pain creams, CBD gummies, and oils, each of which is backed by positive feedback from satisfied customers. Moreover, the CBD gummies are available for both pain and sleep-related conditions, which are made from full-spectrum (pure CBD) tinctures.

CBD Magic also offers a free cancellation policy for all its products, provided consumers cancel their orders before the shipping is initiated.

  • Made in Canada CBD hemp, 0% THC and lab-tested
  • 99% pure CBD isolate, non-toxic and non-lethal
  • The fruity and refreshing taste
  • Free shipping with fast orders placed before 9 AM EST dispatched on the same day
  • Available in two sizes for both sleep and pain-related conditions
  • Monthly subscription plan
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Slightly expensive one-time purchase

A. Size

The Magic Zen Leafs Gummies come in a sturdy, round plastic container with a lid for air-tight and moisture-free storage. While the 300mg pack has 10 gummies, the 900mg packs comprise 30 gummies. We liked how the ingredient list and quantity information are clearly mentioned on the top of the lid for an easy read.

B. Natural Ingredients

We opted for the sleep-inducing variant, which is primarily made of hemp extract and melatonin. And as you may already know, melatonin is the hormone that is naturally produced by the body to regulate our sleep-wake cycles. Hence, adding to it with these melatonin-infused gummies will help consumers get rid of sleep-related issues like insomnia.

Likewise, the CBD gummies for pain are free of melatonin to keep you active throughout the day. Other than that, both versions contain gelatin, water, sugar, stevia, and natural fruit flavors for a refreshing and sweet-sour taste. In hindsight, they are non-toxic, non-lethal, and safe to consume on a daily basis.

C. CBD Content

Made from 99% pure CBD isolates extract, each gummy contains 30mg CBD and zero THC to facilitate a good night’s sleep without any side effects or leaving you “high” the next morning.

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D. CBD Certificate

Much like our previous pick, consumers can check the certificate of analysis on the brand’s official website. Each unit has a total of 23.62mg CBD and 25.63mg cannabinoids.

E. Monthly Subscription Plan

To save consumers from the hassle of placing an order every month, the brand has a subscription plan in place, which will get your desired gummy pack delivered each month.

Not only is it cheaper than a one-time purchase, but users also benefit from a flat discount on the lifetime shipping fee. Moreover, you can cancel the plan anytime.

F. Refund Policy

If consumers are not satisfied with the benefits or develop allergies during initial consumption, they can request a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

All buyers have to do is get in touch with the customer service via an email address mentioned on the official website, and the refund will be issued once the product is returned. That said, the buyers have to bear the return shipping charges.

How We Made This List

For starters, we found out the most popular brands that manufacture CBD gummies for the Canadian market, and that naturally contributed to a very long list. From there, we got down to the customer reviews of each brand, how they source the ingredients to create CBD extracts for their products, the third-party lab tests, and other such important factors.

According to the combined findings of the above-mentioned criteria, we chopped off a majority of the names from our list. This led us to the top three brands and their CBD gummies that met our strict quality standards and which have been discussed at length in the following sections.

However, our list wouldn’t have been complete without taking into consideration various documented reports and inputs from CBD experts, reputed journalists, and experienced CBD consumers. Simply put, here are the key factors that formed the basis of our results:

  • Brand reputation, customer ratings, and reviews
  • Effectiveness of the products in relieving pain, discomfort, inflammation, sleep disorders, and other such conditions
  • Hemp sources
  • If the brand has provided adequate, vetted information about CBD, its use, and advantages on the official website (especially required for first-timers)
  • Whether the brand provides dosage instructions and necessary disclaimers (if any)
  • If the products are third-party lab tested and the results are readily available to consumers
  • The final THC levels in the products once they are put on shelf stores
  • Whether the products contain full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate extracts
  • The processing facilities of the brand and whether or not they adhere to FDA guidelines

Buyer’s Guide

Although you may think that knowing the best CBD gummies up for grabs is everything you need to make the right purchase decision, it’s actually only the job half done.

That’s because not every brand or product may serve your purpose. For instance, if you’re looking to get rid of that persisting joint pain, then gummies with melatonin will be of no help.

It’s extremely important to factor in the benefits of the particular product you intend to buy along with your specific requirements. Beyond that, first-time users should have adequate knowledge about dosage recommendations and potential side effects.

With that thought in mind, we’ve included this extended buyer’s guide to help our readers with everything they should know before going ahead with the purchase.

1. Type Of CBD

All this while, you may have been wondering what full-spectrum and isolate extracts of CBD actually mean. But apart from these two varieties, CBD also has a third variety, viz., broad-spectrum.

Without getting too technical about it, full-spectrum CBD products contain all the parts of the hemp plant (scientific name, Cannabis sativa) from which it’s extracted. This may also include small traces of THC and other plant compounds like terpenes. Likewise, broad-spectrum CBD has the exact composition of the former, minus THC. Lastly, CBD isolates contain only the CBD compound, making them the purest form.

2. Organic Ingredients

Be it topical or edible products, a majority of users or consumers would want to go for organic ingredients. Hence, it’s very important to go through the ingredients list to make sure the other components are as natural as possible, even if the hemp is grown organically and locally.

Here, we should also mention that a lot of gummies or other edibles may contain artificial flavoring, but the quality of it is safe for regular consumption.

Other than that, you should keep an eye for the kind of gelatine (vegan or animal-based) and sweeteners (natural or artificial like stevia and sugar). This is especially necessary for buyers who don’t want them in their diet for medical or health reasons.

3. CBD Content

One of the biggest advantages of CBD gummies is that they have low to moderate CBD concentration that is suitable for most consumers. From what we have observed, each unit may carry anywhere between 10 and 30mg CBD.

However, the exact dosage will depend on the body weight of the consumer and the severity of the condition. If you have been suffering from long-term or severe pain and insomnia, you may need to increase the CBD content or the frequency of the dose.

For first-time users, we’d strongly recommend starting off with the lowest recommended dose by the brand and increase it gradually once you see the benefits. Again, consult with a physician before making any such changes.

4. Taste

As opposed to CBD oils or tinctures that hardly have a pleasant taste, CBD gummies come in a variety of appealing and fruity or sweet-and-sour flavors.

5. Health Benefits

With everything said and done, the ultimate efficiency of CBD gummies is determined by the efficiency of the CBD oil present in their composition. In this regard, CBD gummies can be beneficial to relieve pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, nausea, and sleep disorders.

Additionally, the low to nil THC content (hemp-derived products are required to have less than 0.3%) doesn’t leave consumers feeling “high” as these products are non-psychoactive in nature.

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6. Long-Lasting Effects

Since CBD edibles like gummies “travel” a relatively long way from the mouth to the gut before spreading to the muscles and tissues, they usually take around a couple of hours to work.

Furthermore, the efficiency depends on the way they are absorbed by your body and if you have consumed them on a full or empty stomach. But this also enables them to create long-lasting effects, up to 12 hours for treating chronic conditions. Plus, CBD edibles are a safer alternative than other modes of CBD consumption like vaping.

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD edibles or topical products, when procured from trusted and reliable brands, are considered safe to alleviate pain and stress-related issues even when used regularly. That said, some users (especially first-timers) may experience the below listed common side effects:

A. Dry Mouth

CBD and other cannabinoids may interfere with the saliva-producing receptors in the mouth, causing mild dryness. Hence, you may get thirsty more than usual, and it’s important to stay well hydrated while consuming CBD edibles.

B. Dizziness

CBD edibles can lead to a sudden drop in pressure immediately post-consumption, which may, in turn, cause dizziness. So, if you have blood pressure issues or are on any medication, don’t forget to consult the doctor before consuming them.

C. Diarrhea

Strong or heavy doses of CBD are often known to trigger diarrhea.

D. Loss Or Increase In Appetite

Since CBD is essentially a slight appetite suppressant, some users may experience a loss in appetite with regular CBD consumption. Alternatively, the sugar content may cause an increase in cravings, and subsequently, appetite.

How Does CBD Gummies Help With Pain?

The CBD content in these gummies works pretty much the same way as that of topical products. Once your body digests the CBD, it then spreads out to interact with the endocannabinoid system, which comprises receptors of the brain and overall immune system.

Next, the cannabinoids in the CBD bind with these receptors, making them receive chemical signals to emit “positive responses.” And these responses are responsible for creating pain-relief and anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.

Besides, users don’t become completely resistant to these effects, meaning they don’t have to increase the dosage continually.

We found a 2018 review of various studies conducted between 1975 and 2018 that suggest CBD is indeed effective in pain management without causing harmful side effects. In contrast, narcotics and opiates (like oxycodone and fentanyl) may induce nausea and vomiting, while becoming addictive in the long run.

FAQs About CBD Gummies Canada

1. How Many CBD Gummies Can You Take In A Day?

The exact dosage of CBD gummies will depend on various factors like body weight, the condition the consumer is suffering from, and its severity. While some people may benefit from as little as half a gummy a day, others may need 1, 2, or more.

That’s why most brands provide a dosage guide on their website so that users can figure out the exact dosage depending on these above-mentioned factors.

2. Do You Need A Prescription To Buy CBD Gummies In Canada?

Hemp-derived CBD gummies can be purchased over-the-counter and without a doctor’s prescription in dispensaries across the country. As per regulations, these products should have less than 0.3 THC, so carefully check the ingredient list before buying.

3. When Can You Consume CBD Gummies?

Depending on the dosage and its frequency, CBD gummies can be consumed before bed, with breakfast, or at any point of the day without getting “high.”

4. Can CBD Gummies Lead To Weight Gain?

CBD gummies with high sugar content or artificial sweeteners like stevia may cause consumers to gain weight. Hence, you’d want to look for options that contain natural sweeteners, such as honey or fruit extracts so that the sweet taste doesn’t interfere with your diet.

5. Do CBD Gummies Expire?

Like most other edible products, CBD gummies also come with an expiration date that can range from a few months to a year or even more. However, you may store them in a cool and dry area to prevent them from degenerating.

6. How Fast Do CBD Gummies Kick In For Pain, Sleep, And Anxiety-Related Issues?

Honestly speaking, it’s difficult to give a precise answer as the onset of the effects isn’t the same for different users. While some users may start noticing the difference within 30 minutes, others may take an hour or longer.

We’d advise consuming one gummy at least an hour before when you’d want to see the benefits, and wait for about 2 hours before taking the next one if needed. At the risk of overstating, always consult with a doctor to determine the exact dosage and frequency.

Conclusion – Which Of The Above Listed CBD Gummies Canada Brands Should You Buy?

After conducting thorough research about the brand, its products, and the ingredients that go into the making of the CBD gummies, the CBDNorth Sour Berry CBD Gummies took the first position for us. The third-party lab testing confirms the authenticity and quality of the organic and locally-grown hemp.

It’s backed by plenty of positive customer reviews that only reinforce our trust. Additionally, they come in handy for several conditions like joint pains, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

We also like the mix of raspberry and blackberry flavors that render a distinct sweet-and-savory taste. Plus, the plant-based, vegan gelatin makes it suitable for almost all consumers. But what we appreciate the most is that owing to the brand’s special assistance program, certain sections of the population are entitled to discounts for affordability purposes.

That said, you may also go ahead and try the two other options mentioned in our list for safe, effective, and long-lasting results!

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