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cannabis oil with high thc

Either way, the THC content of cannabis oil is highly variable. It is frequently made from specially bred strains of cannabis that have exceptionally high THC levels. Not only that, but the cannabis oil product itself can be further refined until it’s almost pure THC, i.e. almost 100%.

Other cannabis species haven’t undergone this process. Instead, many have been selectively bred to have more THC.

Full-spectrum oil that’s sold in the U.K. contains a maximum of undetectable levels, or <0.01% on most gas chromatography or HPLC machines. That is enough that it may have an effect on the body, but not enough to recreate the experience of recreational marijuana. The government deems such a level to be safe and acceptable, provided that the THC is not easily taken from the product by the end consumer, and thereafter taken on its own.

Cannabis Oil THC vs CBD Oil THC

Full-spectrum oil is legal provided that the percentage of THC is lower than 0.2%. Manufacturers have to be able to prove that their product meets this criterion in order to be able to sell.

There are two main kinds of legal CBD oil in the U.K. These are full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils. The names refer to the chemical compounds that each oil contains; full-spectrum CBD oil contains them all, while broad spectrum contains most of them.

If you want a supplement that’s a full cannabis extract, there are several to choose from. Some are legal, others are illegal. So which should you buy, and how much THC will it contain?

It’s the THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids in cannabis that make it illegal. Any product that contains similarly high levels of these compounds is illegal too. That means that high-THC cannabis oil can’t be legally made or sold here in the U.K.

“In our opinion the systematically high THC content of CBD products is clearly a “scandal” on the food market,”​ the study says, led by Dr Dirk Lachenmeier, food chemist, toxicologist at the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Laboratory (CVUA) of Karlsruhe.

The team also highlight the need to characterise and toxicologically assess CBD degradation products within the context of the novel food registration process.

The research team point to findings from cannabis oil products demonstrating that labelling information for CBD and THC was often different from the actual contents.

The study’s findings provoked a strong reaction from CBD developers and industry groups alike, who objected to the study’s tone and approach in which it came to its conclusions.

“Obviously, the manufacturers have – deliberately or in complete ignorance of the legal situation – placed unsafe and unapproved products on the market and thus exposed the consumer to an actually avoidable risk.

If lower dose CBD oils aren't doing the trick, consider these extra-strength CBD oils that offer a higher concentration of CBD per serving for a more potent effect and more relief potential. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is extremely popular for its therapeutic potential that may help soothe a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, seizures, anxiety, and more. For those who are looking for serious relief, the highest-concentration oil drops may be what it takes to get the job done—particularly if they haven't noticed any reprieve with lower-strength oils. 

Type: Full spectrum

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If you're an experienced CBD consumer, you may be comfortable experimenting with high-strength CBD oils. Just keep in mind that CBD may affect certain medications, such as the blood thinner coumadin, so you'll want to be extra cautious of your CBD dosage if you are on prescription medications. If this is the case, check with your physician before incorporating a strong CBD oil into your daily regimen.

Type: Full Spectrum

Broad spectrum implies a greater level of control over the final outcome of the CBD tincture than full spectrum options. While some compounds have been removed, including traceable amounts of THC, broad spectrum products still maintain a broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance the formula and ensure you receive its benefits.