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canine bliss cbd oil

The dosage sizes provided by this company are somewhat limited, only including 225mg and 450mg. The treats are available in a 60mg package, containing 2mg per treat.

There are many other instances where CBD may be useful. CBD provides precious cannabinoids to the ECS, which promotes balance through homeostasis. CBD promotes calmness and relaxation to promote healthy sleeping habits. It may help calm an aggressive, hyper, or fearful dog to the point of contentment.

Scientists claim that a dog is as smart as a two-year-old, so caring for their mental welfare is very important. Dogs can suffer from symptoms of anxiety and even depression, with some even being chronic sufferers.

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The company’s CBD oil may be noted for the following:

Their website event contains a quiz to help you better select the best CBD product for your dog. Also, for every dollar you spend there you get a point. These collected points can be used to obtain discounts on your future purchases.

Don’t Just Go For The Least Expensive – Better purities and qualities of CBD oil cost more, for a reason. Cheaper alternatives might contain harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, or dangerous additives. Pure CBD is non-toxic to dogs.

150mg and 600mg.

Pain, Arthritis, Cancer, Immune disorders, Separation anxiety, General anxiety, Stress, Travel, Muscle spasms, Hip dysplasia, Glaucoma, Joint deterioration, Seizures, Inflammation, Allergies, Mobility issues, Thunderstorms, Reactivity, Hyperactivity, and Excessive barking.

Each ingredient in our product is chosen with intention and purpose. The high quality full-spectrum hemp oil present in our tincture has superfood status, and is packed full of various healthy neuroprotectants and antioxidants which are referred to as cannabinoids. Lavender and chamomile oils work to bolster and perpetuate the positive effects of the cannabinoids. Healthy fats present in the coconut oil aid in digestion and uptake, increasing the potency and longevity of the potential positive effects.

We are confident after one month of use, the benefits your beloved dog experiences will be clearly evident. If for whatever reason that is not the case, we will gladly refund your money and embrace whatever feedback you may have to offer.

Our product may help dogs with…

● Contains 0.0% THC

Amy Prusak (verified owner) Rated 5 out of 5 12.17.2019

How Did We Make This List?

This natural substance may not only be enjoyed by humans but may also be useful for pets. Dogs, in particular, may experience a number of issues that can be helped by using CBD.

I have to say that I was skeptical at first but did try it on my 12 year old labrador retriever. She didn’t want to walk any distance at all. Now she is running the whole length of my yard and acting young again. I would definitely recommend this product .

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