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Many cannabis-based products are available to buy online, but their quality and content is not known. They may be illegal and potentially dangerous.

The specialist will discuss with you all the other treatment options first, before considering a cannabis-based product.

Can I get a prescription for medical cannabis?

Currently, it is only likely to be prescribed for the following conditions:

Many people having chemotherapy will have periods where they feel sick or vomit.

Epidyolex can be prescribed for patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome (both rare forms of epilepsy).

3. Organically grown hemp

As one of the only brands guaranteeing specific levels of minor cannabinoids in their broad spectrum CBD, Nanocraft truly has set themselves apart as a leader in quality within the CBD industry.

2. USA Grown Hemp

#5 Nanocraft CBD – great value

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● Lab testing and consistency

Full Spectrum- Finally, this is the least processed version of CBD. To be federally legal, CBD needs to be 0.3% THC or less, so while you're most likely to pass a drug test; it still contains a nominal amount of THC. However, it also contains what most call the 'entourage effect', where the other components of the cannabis plant are heightened in combination with the CBD. Overall, full spectrum is most seasoned CBD users’ favorite.

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Please remember: we are all different and can react to supplements in different ways. If in doubt, low and slow is best.

The two main oil products from industrial hemp, hemp seed oil and CBD oil, are from different parts of the plant and are used for different purposes.

CBD is a huge topic at the moment, but confusion remains regarding the difference between CBD oil, medical marijuana/cannabis and cannabis oil, especially when it comes to the legality of each ingredient. There have been plenty of news reports about the confiscation of CBD-related products at national borders, but inaccuracies in these reports have led to even more uncertainty about what is and isn’t legal.

CBD balm and CBD alternative

Healthspan CBD products are made using a broad-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil, extracted from the leaves of legal industrial hemp and containing less than 0.2% THC. All Healthspan CBD products are legal, safe and independently tested by ISO-accredited laboratories, so you can trust that they contain the amount of CBD stated on the pack as well as the absolute minimum of THC: the psychoactive compound found in marijuana cannabis that causes a ‘high’. The test certificates are available for download from each product’s page.

6.4mg per capsule

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