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Total FY2021 prescriptions have currently increased 138% on FY2020 (FY2020 prescriptions:

Its share of the market should also increase with the introduction of new products.

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4,000), with the upward trend expected to continue.

H&H Group also operates one of the largest e-commerce channels for nutritional products in Europe and North America, where BDA is currently expanding.

Focusing on resource exploration, early-stage tech, and biotech.

“This collaboration with Drug Science will not only strengthen the body of evidence for the use of MediCabilis®, but also potentially address the growing unmet health concerns around long-COVID.

Today’s announcement focuses on its medical cannabis division.

Exceptional opportunities across a broad range of early-stage growth sectors with strong management.

Treating long-COVID

As stated above, this collaboration could unlock a new market for BDA in the treatment of long-COVID. It is estimated that one in 10 people that test positive for COVID-19 will have symptoms for 12 weeks after diagnosis and that one in five have long-COVID symptoms for five weeks or more.

Bod Australia Limited (ASX:BDA) has entered into a collaboration agreement with the UK’s leading independent scientific body on drugs, Drug Science UK, which has the potential to unlock a large market opportunity for BDA in the treatment of long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

Longer-term positions in a variety of sectors.

BDA is a medicinal cannabis, CBD and hemp healthcare products company operating within two distinct verticals: Medical Cannabis and CBD and Hemp Consumer products.