Min Hee-jin of Ador, a HYBE Subsidiary, Steps Out to Support NewJeans at the 38th Golden Disk Awards

2024 - Jan 07 3 minute read

Min Hee-jin of Ador, a HYBE Subsidiary, Steps Out to Support NewJeans at the 38th Golden Disk Awards

A Rare Appearance by Min Hee-jin at the International Event

On January 6th, the Jakarta International Stadium in Indonesia hosted the 38th Golden Disk Awards with Mandiri, marking the event's fifth international hosting following Japan, Malaysia, China, and Thailand. This prestigious event witnessed a special moment when Min Hee-jin, the head of Ador, a label under HYBE, made a rare public appearance to support the group NewJeans, which she produced.

Min Hee-jin's Recognition and Heartfelt Speech

During the ceremony, Min Hee-jin was honored with the Producer Award. Her appearance on stage to receive the award and deliver a speech was a surprise to many, as she seldom appears in public. Fans were notably excited to see her, and the members of NewJeans, whom Min Hee-jin had produced, caught everyone's attention with their enthusiastic support and gestures from the stage.

In her speech, Min Hee-jin expressed deep gratitude, stating, "I came here not so much to receive an award, but to say thank you. It has been about a year and five months since NewJeans debuted, and we have received so much love during this time. I wanted to come here to express my thanks for that. I also want to extend my gratitude to Bunnies (NewJeans' fandom) for their support during challenging times. There are new challenges ahead for NewJeans in 2024, so please look forward to them."

The Event's Highlights and Hosts

The 38th Golden Disk Awards with Mandiri was a star-studded event attended by notable groups and artists including NewJeans, STAYC, Stray Kids, La Poem, Tomorrow X Together, LE SSERAFIM, Park Jae-jung, Boy Next Door, SEVENTEEN, IVE, ENHYPEN, Zero Base One, FIFTY FIFTY Kina, and YB. The ceremony was adeptly hosted by singer Sung Si-kyung and Cha Eun-woo, adding to the event's grandeur.

Conclusion: A Night of Celebrations and Surprises

The 38th Golden Disk Awards not only celebrated the achievements of Korean music artists but also highlighted the influential role of producers like Min Hee-jin. Her appearance and heartfelt speech added a unique and memorable dimension to the event, emphasizing the collaborative spirit and hard work behind the success of K-pop groups like NewJeans. The ceremony was a testament to the vibrant and ever-evolving world of K-pop, showcasing the talent, dedication, and passion that drive this dynamic industry forward.