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ace cbd oil

With a diverse range of flavours to choose from, Ace CBD Vapes offers something to suit every CBD enthusiast’s tastes. Choose from fruity, tasty options such as pink lemonade, lemon swirl, fruit burst, strawberry slushie and a wide range of other flavours.

Based in the UK, Ace CBD Vapes specialises in making the highest quality CBD e-liquids and oral tinctures.

Ace CBD Vapes also offers a range of natural flavour CBD e-liquids and oral tinctures. One of the only UK GMP approved e-liquid manufacturers, Ace CBD Vapes’s high product quality and great reputation make it a reliable choice for any CBD enthusiast.

Other products in their line-up include Hemp Oil for pets which is intended to help senior pets feel more vibrant. They’re also great for pets who deal with bouts of nervousness. These oils come in two sizes as well, retailing for $27 for 15mL and $42 for 30mL. And finally, there are the CBD vape oils. Their smaller bottles come at 15mL and cost $35, while the larger ones retail for $65 at 30mL.

The ACE CBD oil brand sets itself apart by giving buyers a selection of no-nonesense products that are intended to provide relief and comfort versus a range of daily discomforts and conditions. And while their products are relatively expensive, the quality that they offer surpasses what many other, budget-friendly manufacturers are able to provide.

Established in 2016, the ACE brand is located in Anchorage, Alaska where its labs are housed. The brand places particular emphasis on the use of the whole hemp plant, citing the entourage effect as a main player in the potency and efficacy of CBD oils. Moreover, the brand also believes in the power of hemp on its own. Thus, they aim to elevate and emphasize the miracle plant’s advantages by minimizing the addition of any ingredients that could dampen its effects.

The ACE Product Line-Up

ACE’s product line-up is divided into three different categories. Their Hemp Oil selection contains 100% whole plant chemistry and is available in two different sizes. Their 30mL oil costs a whopping $72 while their 60mL oil retails for $120. Needless to say, the brand’s oils are slightly more expensive than what you would find elsewhere. But for the significant price that they ask for, ACE guarantees premium quality oil that gets the job done.

Presently, ACE offers their products in three different categories – CBD oils, for pets, and CBD vape oils. All of their formulations are made from carefully handpicked hemp resources from trusted farmer partners that use the latest cultivation practices for sustainability and amplified plant chemistry.

While some buyers would have preferred more flavors, strength variations, and cannabinoid mixes, the ACE brand does deliver what they set out to do. And that’s to give their buyers a range of no-frill formulations that offer whole plant goodness at premium quality.

The Alaska Cannabis Exchange – simply called ACE – is a brand that offers hemp oils for humans and for pets. Their humble line of products is made from wholesome, whole cannabis plants that are meticulously handpicked from cultivators that follow the same principles that the brand upholds. With their manufacturing process backed by science, the brand aims to provide users with holistic oil products that are intended to help improve quality of life.